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GuidesHow to cancel an order on StockX explained

How to cancel an order on StockX explained

StockX is a popular place to buy sneakers and other streetwear. Also, in 2020 company has expanded into trading electronic products, including game consoles, smartphones, and other electronic products.

The company is largely focused on the quality of the goods it sells, so StockX sells only deadstock products, which means that they must be authentic and unused to be sold through this service.

StockX does go to great lengths to ensure that the products are of high quality, including verifying the quality and making sure that all products are sold with the original boxes.

In some cases, StockX does accept for sale products that have already been used, but in that case, they still have to be high quality to be sold through this service.

However, one of the things many people don’t like about StockX is the inability to cancel your order after it has been placed. There is no refund or return policy on a government level.

That means that each company is free to determine that policy as they see fit. In the case of StockX – they don’t initially assume that you can cancel your order after it has been placed and get your money back. Still, it’s not as bad as it may seem at first glance.

Why StockX doesn’t have a refund or cancelation option

The thing is, being able to cancel an order is always a problem for both buyer and seller. If you have placed an order and then decide to cancel it, it means that the seller will face difficulties or even financial losses, because he has already started the order.

As a result, if a cancellation is available at any time, the parties can abuse it, which increases the risks that are built into the price of the goods.

Moreover, don’t forget that StockX has an auction-like system that can lead to pumping. That is, some person simply pumps up the price of an item, offering a continually higher bid, but ultimately refuses to do so. As a result, the price may be inflated by 20-30% or even more percent (or even times).

All this adds up to the fact that StockX tries to avoid the possibility of canceling orders without good reason, although it’s still possible to cancel the order, but to do this you will need to contact consumer support.

How to cancel StockX order

As I said, StockX doesn’t give you the option to just change your mind and click the “cancel order” button. And in case you’re just used to making rash purchases and then canceling them when you’ve changed your mind, you’re really unlikely to be able to cancel your purchase and get your money back.

Because by doing so you will simply be abusing the service and inconveniencing the sellers.

But what to do in case you made an accidental purchase?

For example, you didn’t choose the right size of sneakers, but you still want this model. Or you accidentally chose the wrong color but would like to change to another.

In that case, you can write to StockX Support and explain your circumstances. Be sure to include your order number and details of why you want to cancel your order.

If your arguments are convincing enough, your chances of getting a refund are greatly increased. However, if you try this, you will most likely be rejected. Agree that it’s possible that a person made a mistake once and picked the wrong size, but that can’t happen all the time.

In case you want to bypass filling the form, you can send an email to StockX ([email protected]) and briefly explain your circumstances and ask them to cancel an order. I’ve talked to 5 people that are constantly buying from StockX and they confirmed that in case you aren’t asking for cancel too frequently and have reasonable circumstances to ask for cancelation – the service will help you.

However, in this case, you may be subject to the so-called “flake fee”, a fine for your carelessness. If you ask for a refund once and have a good reason to do so, you are more likely to get an exception. But if you do it all the time or too often, you are more likely to fall under suspicion. So my advice is don’t abuse this opportunity to have it when you really need it.

What to do if seller failed to send purchase

But what if the seller failed to proceed and fulfill your purchase? In this case, you should also contact the support service. StockX points out that usually the delivery should be made within 2 working days. If not, that’s a good enough reason to ask to cancel your order.

Of course, there’s no guarantee in this case either, but the chance that StockX will agree to it is quite high.

In this case, the seller will receive a penalty, and if they violate the shipping lines often enough, StockX can even freeze their account.



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