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GuidesHow to book movie ticket through Google Pay

How to book movie ticket through Google Pay

In recent years, the contactless payment system Google Pay has received a lot of very useful and interesting features. And it shows that the search giant intends only to move forward. Every year the developers update the existing functions or add new ones so that users can spend even less time on different actions.

Services for office work, for translation, for searching information and so on are being improved. Of course, the special system of contactless payment from Google doesn’t lag behind the modern world. A huge part of people uses Google Pay all over the world. If you’re one of those people, then you’re really lucky.

Besides all this, you can pay with Google Pay anywhere. If you like going to the movies, you probably know that contactless payment has been available in modern cinemas for a long time. Especially since the coronavirus epidemic began. Everyone is trying to limit various types of touch, including paper money.

Well, if you paid for your movie ticket with Google Pay, you can also save an electronic version of your ticket in the Google app. So, here’s how to book a movie ticket through Google Pay.

How to save a movie ticket in Google Pay

Google Pay is growing very quickly around the world. More and more banks are joining it, and more and more shopping apps are integrating their services with the platform as well. Similarly, movie ticketing apps are integrating the platform, and with it, a feature that allows you to save tickets for upcoming movie nights to your Google Pay account.

Like many other “pass-through” integrations, the process is simple. After making a purchase, you can open the ticket in the app and click “Add to Mobile Wallet”, which will take you out of the app for a second and bring up a web service, which will then launch the Google Pay app on your phone, tap “Save”, and you’re done.

One of the benefits of saving passes on Google Pay is that the app will usually display your pass as a notification either near the venue or if you’re at a geographic location for the event (and the time of the event is just around the corner). This means you don’t have to search for the app, look for a ticket, or open a QR code. You just tap on the notification and walkthrough. Furthermore, passes sync across devices, so if you use multiple devices, your tickets are guaranteed to be with you.

How to get a free movie ticket using Google Pay

The Google Pay app is always running neat promotions, and recently there was one such offer. Google Pay users could get a second movie ticket for free thanks to an offer from Regal Cinemas.

Starting from the end of October and running through the end of 2021, the offer on the Google Pay app essentially provided a “buy one, get one free” option to buy tickets to Regal Cinemas. Tickets had to be purchased using a code obtained from the Google Pay app. The code could be redeemed at any time and used on the Regal Cinemas website or even in a theater with any form of payment, but it had to be used by December 31, 2021.

After using the code, you could get a second ticket for the same session at the same time. However, you could only get one free ticket, and an additional ticket would incur a booking fee.

How to get a cashback in Google Pay

Cashback is probably the easiest way to earn essentially free money when using Google Pay. These cashback options, developed by Rakuten, are available at many different online stores and retailers. You can use these cashback offers by going to the left-most tab in the Google Pay app, “Explore”. As you scroll down the page, you’ll see various cashback offers that list their merchants, the locations where they can be used, and the amount of cashback you’ll receive in the form of Google Pay credits.

To take advantage of the credits, simply click the “+” icon on the right to activate the offer. To take advantage of the different offers, you’ll also need to link your corresponding card to Google Pay. Once one of them becomes active, all you have to do is make a purchase to get the rewards. Virtually any card that’s linked to Google Pay can be used for cashback offers.



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