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GadgetsHow to send a SOS message from your Galaxy Watch

How to send a SOS message from your Galaxy Watch

Relatively recently, Samsung began releasing the Samsung Galaxy Watch, an LTE-enabled smartwatch. Samsung officially entered the smartwatch market in 2013, when the company first released the Galaxy Gear watch. The watch was originally released as an Android device, but Samsung replaced the operating system with Tizen in a software update in 2014 when the Gear 2 watch was released. The Gear Sport and Galaxy Watch followed, packed with great features and apps.

Now you can make and receive calls, send text messages, share videos or files, and do many other tasks on this beautiful watch. However what if an emergency arises, can you send SOS messages using your device?

The answer is yes, you can send an SOS message in an emergency, which makes these devices useful and more popular. In an emergency, you can send an SOS message by quickly pressing the “Home” button on your device three times. You can also set the watch to automatically call your emergency contacts.

Anyway, here’s how to set up and send an SOS message from your Galaxy Watch in a few easy steps.

How to set up and configure an SOS on the Galaxy Watch

Regardless of which version of the Galaxy Watch you own, the SOS feature works the same way. In fact, when you activate the feature, the Galaxy Watch will send a message, your location and call emergency services, provided the watch is connected to a device with a signal or if you have an LTE model.

The SOS function isn’t enabled by default when you set up your Galaxy Watch. Rather, it needs to be configured so that it’s actually useful in emergency situations. Here’s how to do it:

  • First of all, open the Galaxy Wearable app on your Android device. This app should already be installed on your device, as it’s used to configure the Galaxy Watch.
  • After that, find the “Watch settings” under your Galaxy Watch and tap on it.
  • Then, find and tap on the “Advanced features” section within that menu.
  • Tap on the “SOS” option at the top.

Several settings can be configured here, such as how the SOS is activated. It can be activated by pressing the “Home” button three times or when a hard fall is detected. Choose one or both depending on what you think is necessary. If you press “When you press the Home button 3 times”, you will be given a brief overview of how the SOS works. There is also an option at the very bottom that allows you to set a countdown timer. This is useful if you think that you will often accidentally press the “Home” button multiple times and want to be able to undo this action.

Your emergency contacts are also listed here. Tap “Send messages to” under the “Emergency Contacts” section and select either “Select from Contacts” or “Create Contact”. There seems to be no limit to the number of contacts you can add. We recommend adding more than one contact if possible; this will increase the likelihood that you will get help in an emergency.

How to use an SOS on the Galaxy Watch

As soon as you tap the “Home” button three times, your Galaxy Watch will either start a countdown to SOS or go directly to it. Once it starts, the watch will send a text alerting the emergency contacts that you need help and provide a link to your location on Google Maps. In addition, the watch will dial the number of the selected emergency contact and try to reach him or her through a call on your watch.



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