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AmazonHow to view archived orders on Amazon

How to view archived orders on Amazon

Amazon is a great place to shop, with very convenient service and an easy interface. On this platform, you can buy anything, of course, within the rules of the site. However. when you make a lot of purchases, after a while they remain in your history. And maybe for some reason, you don’t want to have your entire list of purchases recorded in your history.

Since you can’t delete the entire history or particular purchase history, Amazon gives its users the option to simply archive their purchase history. This is very convenient because you can view the history at any time and go back to a specific store or buy an item again. In this article, I will tell you more about the purchase history archive and how to archive your history.

What does Archived Orders mean

When you made a gift purchase for someone who has access to your Amazon, for example, archived orders are a very cool thing that hides your purchase history. It doesn’t completely delete the information and history, but it hides it in a place where it won’t be so obvious. The archiving process isn’t automatic and you can’t set it up for that. However, you can just do it manually quickly and easily. There will be a detailed description later.

This feature is also very useful if you run a business and do a lot of purchasing. By archiving your orders, it will be easier for you to navigate the history of recent orders, and in general, it will be easier to keep track of your purchases.

It’s also a nice detail, which is useful for maintaining your privacy and personal space. Don’t forget to also remove your search history for Amazon to maintain secrecy.

Archived orders can be unzipped at any time, so there’s no reason to worry that you won’t be able to get your order back into history.

Is it possible to hide Amazon Orders

If you decided to hide, or rather archive your order history, the following instructions may help you:

  • Log into Amazon
  • Click Returns & Orders in the upper right-hand corner
  • Scroll through your orders until you find the one you’d like to archive
  • Click on Order Details next to the order in question
  • Click Archive Order
  • Confirm by clicking Archive Order again

The method described above is the easiest and fastest, but it doesn’t retrieve information about your account, and if you suddenly want to hide not only your order history but also additional information, it’s best to contact support or use other methods provided by Amazon. One way or the other, if you just want to hide orders without deleting your account information, this process will work for you.

How to find Archived Orders on Amazon

Even if you deactivate your Amazon account, you still have access to your archived orders and purchase history. Follow these steps to find them:

  • Log into your Amazon account
  • Hover over the Accounts & Lists dropdown in the top-right corner
  • Select Your Account from the dropdown menu
  • Click Archived orders in the Ordering and shopping preferences subsection

In case you’d like to get your order back to the standard orders page, just click ‘Unarchive Order’ in the lower left-hand corner.

You don’t need to confirm anything else, you don’t need to check either, because after you have performed this action your order will go back to its proper place automatically.

Is there any ways to hide Amazon Search history

Since the search history is quite different from the order history, the cleaning method will be different. Archived orders can only be archived, but not deleted, but the search history will be a little easier – it can be deleted. And you shouldn’t forget about this either if you don’t want other people to be able to see your activity on Amazon.

To delete your Amazon history, log into your account, then find the ‘Browsing History’ link towards the top-right of the Amazon homepage. If you’re having trouble finding the tab you’re looking for, just click CTRL+F and type “browsing history” in the appropriate field. After that, you will see the tab you’re looking for highlighted.

Once you click this option, you’ll face a list of the latest searches. After that, you should select ‘Manage History’ in the right-hand corner for the dropdown options to appear. Next, choose ‘Remove’ from view for each thing that you want to delete from the search history.

Still, archived orders are a great way to organize your order history, hide your purchases from others, and generally maintain your privacy. However, don’t forget that these orders are still available for viewing. If you want to have a completely private account, it’s best to create a new one.



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