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How to add DAZN to LG TV

Smart TV manufacturers have opened up a new perception for users on how to watch any content from their TV, whether in the bedroom, living room, kitchen, etc. Without a doubt, this is one of the most exciting innovations introduced today.

You can watch virtually no cable or satellite TV. All you need is a good Internet connection. Modern Smart TVs have the ability to download various streaming apps, such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime. With their help, you can watch a variety of sports events, your favorite movies and TV series, and much more.

LG TV is no exception. You can also install almost any streaming service application and enjoy watching your favorite content. You can also install the wonderful DAZN streaming service. If you’re into sports content, you should definitely give it a try. So, if you want to add DAZN to your LG TV, here is how you can do this.

What is DAZN

DAZN is an Internet sports streaming service. At the moment DAZN offers a huge selection of content: top soccer leagues, soccer European cups, MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA, UFC and Bellator, boxing.

The company was founded in 2016 as a regional provider of broadcasting services in several countries (Austria, Germany, Australia, and Japan). Now it is already present in Italy, Spain, Canada, and the United States.

The platform is owned by the British Perform Group, a huge sports holding company that includes Goal.com media and analytics company Opta Sports.

How does the DAZN work

The service is subscription-only, with a monthly cost of only $9.99. By comparison, a single boxing broadcast often costs about $100 and an American soccer package costs more than $40.

DAZN’s main plans are to change the model of sports content consumption. Today, broadcasts live on the principle of PPV (pay-per-view, ie, pay and watch). DAZN plans to kill this model by moving the viewing of sports broadcasts on a subscription basis.

Broadcasts are of the highest quality possible. A person can watch the video even from a mobile application, or from a computer, or from a tablet, or from various consoles for TV like Apple TV, Smart TV, or from a game console – in general, from anywhere with the Internet and the ability to turn on video. Both live and recorded broadcasts are available – you can watch sports at any convenient moment.

How to add DAZN to LG TV

If you want to add DAZN to your LG Smart TV, you have to follow these steps:

  • First of all, make sure that your LG Smart TV is connected to your WiFi network.
  • Then, sign in to the LG Content Store.
  • After that, search for the DAZN app in the sport section. You can also enter “DAZN” in the search field.
  • Finally, follow the on-screen recommendations to install the DAZN app.

Once you have completed these steps, the DAZN app will be installed on your LG Smart TV.

How to sign up for DAZN on LG TV

If you want to sign up for DAZN on your LG Smart TV, you have to follow these steps:

  • At first, open the DAZN app from your LG TV home screen.
  • Next, select the “Start Free Trial” option.
  • You are taken to the first registration page, please fill in the requested data.
  • After that, choose your payment plan.
  • Finally, enter your payment details and confirm them accordingly.

Once you have completed these steps, you are subscribed to DAZN.

For the best use of DAZN, make sure your LG Smart TV is updated. For information on how to update your LG Smart TV, you can visit the LG support page. It is also recommended that you use an ethernet cable to connect your LG Smart TV to your router to eliminate problems with streaming caused by an unstable Wi-Fi signal.



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