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Does Hisense TV have Bluetooth

Today’s Smart TVs are really smart devices that offer their users many interesting features.

You can install different services and programs on them. They can also communicate with your mobile devices or computers. It’s really very convenient.

In addition to this, many wireless features are built into modern TVs, such as Wi-Fi receivers, various sensors, cameras that recognize gestures, and Bluetooth technology.

Including many of these features, are implemented in Hisense TVs

What is Bluetooth on a Smart TV

Bluetooth is a short-range wireless technology that allows devices to exchange information when they are connected.

It is usually present by default in different cell phones, tablets, or computers. This technology allows many devices to connect to your gadgets wirelessly. For example, wireless headphones or speakers.

Since the Bluetooth range is very small, you can only do this with devices nearby. If you move a few feet away from the device, the signal may start to be interrupted or disappear altogether.

In the case of Smart TV, there may also be Bluetooth technology present. It can have a variety of uses, depending on the device. However, it is most commonly used to connect wireless audio systems or headphones.

With this, you can output sound from the built-in speakers to your portable device. This is very convenient because it allows you to customize your audio system and make it as convenient as possible for your needs.

How to enable Bluetooth on your Hisense with VIDAA

VIDAA is an operating system for new Smart TVs developed by Hisense. It is made to be as user-friendly as possible so you can easily understand and customize it to your personal needs.

It also has the ability to enable Bluetooth. To do this you need:

  • Using the remote control of your Hisense TV, go to Settings
  • Then you will need the Network option
  • Next select Bluetooth and on the next screen activate this option
  • Then you need to put the device you want to connect into discover mode
  • It should appear on your TV screen in the list of nearby devices
  • Once you see it, select the device you want and click Connect
  • If you need to disconnect it later you need to press Unpair

How to enable Bluetooth on your Hisense Android TV

Also, Hisense has a line of TVs with an Android TV operating system onboard. Bluetooth must be activated by default on these TVs.

This is done because the remotes of these TVs work with Bluetooth. If you need to connect a third-party device to your TV, it’s pretty easy. All you need to do is:

  • Set your device to detection mode
  • Then use your remote to go to your TV’s home screen
  • Next, select Settings
  • After that you will need to go to the Remote Controls and Accessories section
  • Here select the Add Accessory button
  • The screen will display the Bluetooth devices that are within range of your TV
  • Choose the desired device from the list and follow the prompts on the screen.

What to do if your Hisense TV isn’t equipped with Bluetooth

There are also Hisense TVs that simply don’t have a Bluetooth transmitter. These are mostly older models. If you need to connect a wireless device to your TV anyway, the easiest way is to see if it can be wired.

Most speakers and soundbars have the ability to connect with a 3.5mm wire. This isn’t an ideal solution as you will have to do a lot of cable management. However, it does work.

If a wired connection isn’t an option for you, there is another trick you can use to connect your device to your TV. You will need to purchase a special Bluetooth audio transmitter for the 3.5mm input.

Bluetooth audio transmitters are very inexpensive and their main advantage is that they allow you to use your wireless speakers not only with your TV but also with any other device that has a 3.5mm jack.

These types of electronic devices plug into your TV’s headphone output and can transmit their sound wirelessly to nearby Bluetooth audio receivers. For example, wireless headsets, portable speakers, and even hi-fi equipment.

How to add a Bluetooth adapter to your Hisense TV

This will usually be a small device that will run on regular batteries.

These will fit into the headphone jack on your TV and you can also connect them using a 3.5mm jack cable. After turning it on, you will need to pair it with the speakers or headphones you want to use.

To do this, simply turn on the detection mode on both devices until the connection is established.



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