As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

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Can you play PS3 games on PS5?

The PS5 is no longer the “new” generation of consoles but the “current” one. All games are already coming out on the PS5, and many are starting to avoid even the PS4. However, some users like to remember the old stuff and wonder if they can run PS3 games on PS5.

The answer is, for the most part, no. The fact is that the PS5 has a backward compatibility feature, but it only works with PS4. This means that games for the PS4 can run on the PS5, but games for the PS3 does not. However, Sony has manually added many of its games for the PS3 or released a remastered version. So you still have the opportunity to play your favorite old games on the PS5, although not all of them.

What is backward compatibility on PS5?

Backward compatibility, it’s not a new technology. Xbox has been using it since the days of Xbox One. Its essence is that the games available on the last generation of consoles will be available on the current generation without additional manipulation and re-release.

Sony has never had this feature before. Sony added this feature only in the PS5. So bibliography of games from PS4 is available on the PS5. However, with some nuances and exceptions. You can even use PS4 discs with PS5.

In the case of PS3, as these games were not available even on PS4, so on PS5, it would not be very reasonable to expect them. Currently, PS5 supports a few titles that have been remastered or manually re-released to add to the PS5. These are mostly games that have “classic” status. In PS5, you can quickly get access to them.

How to find PS3 games on PS5

To play games for the PS3, you can search for information about the remasters released for these games. For example, games like The Last of Us or Uncharted. If there were no remasters for the games, you should check the “Classic Library” for PS Plus Premium users. This feature will only work if you have this subscription. To access these games, you will need:

  • Go to the PS Plus Premium tab.
  • Click on Collections.
  • Select Classics Catalogue.
  • Choose PS3, and you’ll see a list of supported classic games for the PS3.
  • Press on the one you want and press STREAM to launch it.

As you may have realized, these games will not download to your console. You run them using a cloud service. In this case, you’ll need a good and stable Internet. Otherwise, they won’t run and work correctly. In this case, I recommend connecting via Ethernet cable to improve the signal and avoid lags.

How to play PS4 games on PS5

As I described above, PS4 games are backward compatible with PS5. This applies to almost any PS4 game. There are only a few exceptions. You can buy and download a PS4 game on your PS5 directly through the PS Store, just like any PS5 game.

When you buy a game, you can see if it’s made for PS4 or PS5. Many games have both options. The difference will be that the PS4 version won’t have extra options like performance mode or better graphics. Also, the games for the PS4 will not have the technology such as RTX. On the other hand, these game versions are usually cheaper by 10-15 dollars. Later you can always get an upgrade to PS5 for 10-15 dollars.

You can also use discs from PS4 in your PS5. If you have a disk drive, insert the disk, download the latest patch and enjoy the game. All discs from PS4 should be compatible with your PS5 without extra steps.

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Can you play PS3 games on PS4?

In the case of PS4, the situation remains similar to that of PS5. You can play games for which remastered versions were released. But the rest of the titles that were released on the PS3 you have no opportunity to play.

You can also use cloud gameplay with PS Plus Premium. Launching such games will be the same as for PS5 in the instructions above. Of course, this list is quite limited, but that’s all we have now.

If we talk about older games, for PS1 or PS2, users cannot launch and play them. However, with the current fashion for retro games, we will likely see more remasters and old games released on new consoles shortly.



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