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AppleCan iPhone XR go underwater

Can iPhone XR go underwater

Phones are constantly becoming more and more versatile devices. They are becoming sturdier and much less susceptible to various scratches or breakages from drops. Also, device manufacturers are working very hard to eliminate the problem of water resistance. Previously, it was really a problem if you dropped your phone in the toilet or bathroom. More often than not, this would mean that your phone would die or that certain smartphone functions would stop working. Of course, there were also devices with water protection. But they were usually thick and untrustworthy phones. You had to sacrifice style to get water resistance. These phones were unpopular and poorly recognized because very few people used them.

As for iPhones, water resistance was always a dream for their users. Until recently, phones with water protection could only be offered on the android platform from google. But the iPhone XR has changed that.

Is the iPhone XR waterproof

The iPhone XR has a protection rating of IP67, which means that it will be fine if it falls into the toilet or the pool or even into the sea. But, the standard for water resistance is still IP68.

This means that your iPhone will only survive a short stay underwater. In this case, you should not test your fate. The phone can survive in water for a short period of time, but being underwater for a longer period of time can kill it.

What is the IP67 standard

This term is used quite often. Many manufacturers specify this type of protection for their devices. Water and dustproof connectivity products are defined by their Ingress Protection (IP) numbers. The first digit after the IP number indicates the protection of the device or part against solid objects such as dust or sand. 0 means no protection and 6 is the maximum protection.

The second number, on the other hand, refers to the degree of protection against liquids. 0 is no protection and 8 is the maximum degree of protection.

The most common degree of protection found in equipment on the communications market is IP67. Such devices are 100% protected against dust and sand and they can work underwater for at least 30 minutes if submerged for no more than 3 feet.

What does the IP67 rating for an iPhone XR mean

Basically, it means that your iPhone has two types of protection: against dust and sand and against all kinds of liquids. Since your iPhone does not have the maximum waterproof rating you should not swim with your phone or take it to the sea. This rating usually means that the phone is protected from accidents and can be in the water for no longer than 30 minutes. If you drop the phone into the water by accident and immediately get it out, there should be no problems, but a long stay underwater can break your device.



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