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GuidesAre GroupMe polls anonymous, explained

Are GroupMe polls anonymous, explained

Messaging apps are particularly relevant today. While not so long ago most people preferred calling to texting, today a lot of people are starting to give up talking on the phone in favor of writing short messages. This is actually really convenient. You don’t distract your conversation partner with annoying phone calls and you can always check what you’ve written.

No wonder the demand for such services increases over time. There are a lot of applications that offer messaging services. To stay relevant, they need to offer something new all the time, or they need to specialize in a certain group of people.

That’s exactly what GroupMe is.

What is GroupMe

GroupMe is a messenger application that focuses on communication between friends in different groups. It was released in 2010 and now it has millions of users worldwide.

It is an application you can download free of charge to your mobile device. To register you will need to enter your name and phone number with the password. You can also register using your Facebook or Twitter account.

Then the application scans your contact list and you can start communicating with any person from your list whose number you have. You can create groups of up to 500 people in the service.

Also, the app has the ability to share your photos or videos. In addition, an interesting feature was released in 2017 that allows users to create anonymous polls in groups.

What are anonymous polls

It’s often the case that you have one common question to solve in a group. It could be an important question about a work project or you just can’t decide where you’re going in the evening. For this purpose, the GroupMe application has a handy feature for creating
anonymous surveys.

It makes all the users feel protected because no one will be able to find out what they voted for. Not even the group administrator or the poll creator. This function is completely anonymous.

The only thing you will see is how many people voted for this or that poll. Keep in mind that it is impossible to delete a poll. It will remain in the history of messages in the group forever.

There are also certain restrictions for polls. You cannot create more than 0 active polls at a time. However, you can always view overdue polls in the Overdue tab of your group chat. You will also need to set a time limit within which the poll will be active. The minimum duration of surveys is 15 minutes.

You can add up to 10 different answer choices to your poll, and you are given up to 10 characters to write your own question. Usually, this is more than enough. Be careful when creating polls, because if you have a group of people, for example, it does not make sense to create a poll with 10 answer choices, because the results will be unfair.



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