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Will any LG remote work with any LG TV

Today, almost everyone who watches TV knows or has heard at least something about Smart TV. In fact, all new TVs are now manufactured with this feature. So that you can’t only watch cable or satellite TV but also use a variety of streaming apps or YouTube.

LG also keeps up with current trends in the world of electronics. They create many different models of Smart TV from affordable to the premium segment. And all of them are popular among users.

Of course, you know (because it’s obvious) that the TV can’t come without a remote control included. On the other hand, you can control the TV without using a remote control. This is done with a special mobile app. However, that’s not what this is about right now.

After all, the remote control is the most important part of the TV. However, do all remotes work the same way? Not always. There are certain nuances everywhere. The same is true for LG TV remotes.

Well, if you’re wondering whether you can use the remote control from your LG TV with another LG TV, here’s what you should be aware of.

Can any LG remote control work with any LG TV

The answer to this question is, of course, no. Let’s imagine that you have a very old LG TV, and you also have a remote control for it. Let’s say you bought a new LG Smart TV and are trying to set it up. You definitely won’t be able to do it with the old remote, because the old remote is designed primarily for the old software of your old LG TV.

The old remote may not even have a “Home” button, which takes you to the home screen of your new TV’s operating system. And about various additional functions like 3D, special buttons for Netflix, and so on, you may not even remember.

Based on this, your new TV from LG will be able to work only with the new remote or universal remote control of the new generation. These remotes usually have all sorts of advanced features available for Smart TV. Therefore, they can be designed not only for one TV model but for many similar models.

Which LG remotes can be compatible with any LG models

Well, there is a very concrete answer to this question. And you can find it directly on the LG official website in the section of accessories. Here you can choose any of the remotes and see the descriptions on the website to see which models it’s compatible with.

Let’s take a closer look at how this can be done.

  • First of all, as mentioned above, open the LG website and go to the “Accessories” section.
  • Then, select a remote conrol you are interested in. (As an example, let’s take this model of the LG remote control).
  • Just follow the link and scroll down to the “Overview” tab.
  • There you should see “Compatible Models” and the list.

Well, you can choose any LG remote control model and follow the same steps to check whether it’s compatible with your LG TV.

What is LG Magic Remote

This is LG’s proprietary remote control that is designed to control the Smart functions of the TV.

The main feature of the LG Magic Remote, of course, is the cursor that moves across the TV screen when you move the remote in space (the remote control has a built-in gyroscope). In this case, the remote doesn’t have to be pointed at the TV. Also, it’s worth noting the scroll wheel, which is very convenient to use when you browse the web in the TV browser.

Well, another feature is voice search. You press the button, say the phrase you want into the remote, and the TV is looking for the information you need.

It’s very convenient to control your Smart TV with the LG Magic Remote. It replaces the mouse, which isn’t always convenient to use lying on the couch, and even the keyboard. Typing with this remote control is much more convenient than with a regular one.

LG Magic Remote compatibility

The Magic Remote comes with LG TVs from the seventh series and up. If your TV doesn’t have Smart TV, then you definitely don’t need this remote control.

Basically, if you came to buy a remote in a regular store, there shouldn’t be any problems. Most likely, the store has the same TV as yours, you can check the compatibility.

You can also check which TVs are compatible with the remote control you want to buy directly on the LG website.

In case you’re interested in the LG Magic Remote compatibility list, you can also read this article.

Is it possible to replace the remote control from LG TV

You can buy a spare remote from LG, but the remote you need depends on your TV model.

LG has different remote controls that are designed for specific televisions. You’ll need to check which remote is compatible with your TV. You can also use third-party substitutes if you can’t find an official remote designed for your TV.

A quick remote control replacement is the Smart Things App on Android and iOS.



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