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FixWhat to do if your Instagram account has been temporarily locked

What to do if your Instagram account has been temporarily locked

Instagram is a social network where everyone can share photos, videos, or communicate during broadcasts. This platform has become a huge base for different communities, and to make it safe and comfortable for most people to use this social network, the program blocks some users and their accounts.

If you have tried to log into your account and received the “Your account has been temporarily locked” message, there is still a way to fix this problem.

To prevent such cases, in this article you will also find certain activities that Instagram algorithms can recognize as suspicious.

Why was your Instagram account locked

If you have violated a certain rule or behaved inappropriately based on social network policy, Instagram can temporarily block your account. But this happens even when you haven’t done anything.

  • Bot-like activity. Instagram is on the lookout for actions being performed too quickly per hour and per 24-hour period. These kind of acts performed at an unnaturally fast rate will be considered “bot activity” and trigger a temporary account lock.
  • Following and unfollowing users in bulk. Instagram is based on the action of “following” other users, and they “follow” you straight back. But there are people who “follow” several other users at a time and after that immediately un-follow them to gain followers. In sacu cases, the program can recognize this as bot behavior.
  • Liking and un-liking pictures too quickly. Scrolling down your feed and “liking” a couple of photos or so at an average pace is considered as typical human behavior. But, “liking” and “un-linking” a hundred pictures, for instance, in a few minutes, can only be done by a program.
  • Commenting on posts too quickly. If you often leave comments on different posts for minutes, the program recognizes this like you’re using a bot or algorithm. It also is related to posting the same comment multiple times.
  • Usage of third-party apps. All third-party programs that help to automate actions will be recognized as bots by Instagram. Although there are third-party programs that Instagram allows. However, these programs aren’t based on automating the process of using the social network.
  • Phished account credentials. There have been cases where people have entered their Instagram username and password on fake sites that look like the official site. The data entered on such sites fall into the hands of hackers, that, in turn, use it for their own purposes. In fact, your account is hacked and, in violation of their policies, the account is blocked.

How to unlock a locked Instagram account

When you enter your username and password and see the “Your Account Has Been Temporarily Locked” message you need to submit the My Instagram account has been deactivated form:

  • Go to the My Instagram account has been deactivated form or enter a “My Instagram account has been deactivated” search in Google, and choose the Facebook result
  • Complete the form, then enter the email address tied to the Instagram account you’re trying to unlock
  • Explain that your account was blocked by mistake, and you believe you haven’t violated the user guidelines
  • Once you’ve completed the form, click Send
  • After you have done that, Instagram will eventually send you a reply requesting a photo of you holding up a piece of paper with the handwritten code they’ve sent you. Your picture must be natural with your face seen clearly with the paper – no Photoshop editing allowed. Instagram is quite strict and may reject the photo if they believe it isn’t you.
  • Then you have to wait some time after you’ve sent the photo
  • You’ll receive a confirmation from Instagram that your account has been unlocked. Approval times can take some time, usually between a few days to a few weeks.

And that is all about Instagram blocking your account and the reasons why it could happen. The most common advice to prevent this is just don’t perform any actions that may violate Instagram policy or any actions that can be recognized as the ones performed by bots.


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