As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

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What streaming services are included in Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a subscription service offered by Amazon that provides customers with various benefits and perks. Many people know and use Amazon, but for most people, it is an online store; although it is not, it is not only an online store but also a streaming services platform. Here are some of the features included with Amazon Prime:

  •     Free and fast shipping: Prime members can enjoy free shipping on millions of eligible items for two days. In some regions, they can also get free same-day or same-day shipping on eligible items.
  •     Prime Video: Prime members have access to an extensive library of on-demand movies and TV shows, including Amazon original movies produced by Amazon.
  •     Prime Music: Prime members can access ad-free streaming of more than two million songs, playlists, and stations.
  •     Prime Reading: Prime members have access to a rotation of books, magazines, and comics that they can read for free on their Kindle device or through the Kindle app on their phone or tablet.
  •     Prime Gaming: Prime members can receive exclusive in-game content, free games, and a monthly subscription to the Twitch channel.
  •     Prime Day: Prime members get exclusive access to offers during Amazon’s annual Prime Day event, usually in July. It’s more of an event to get new members into Prime, though. On this day, some Prime benefits are available to everyone.
  •     Prime Photos: Prime members can store unlimited photos in Amazon’s cloud storage.
  •     Early Access: Prime members get early access to select Lightning Deals on
  •     Prime Pantry: Prime members can buy groceries and household items and deliver them to their doorstep for a flat fee.
  •     Amazon Elements: Prime members can buy necessities such as baby wipes and vitamins.

These are just some of the features included in the Amazon Prime program. Specific benefits may vary by country and region. But I want to talk more about what benefits you get for video, audio, and, well, what streaming services Amazon offers.

Amazon Prime streaming services

Amazon Prime includes several different types of streaming content, including:

  •     Prime Video: This is Amazon’s streaming video service, which offers a wide range of movies, TV shows, and original content produced by Amazon Studios. Prime Video is available in many countries and is included as an Amazon Prime membership.
  •     Prime Music: This is Amazon’s music streaming service, which offers access to over 2 million songs, ad-free streaming, and unlimited skips. Prime Music is included as part of an Amazon Prime membership.
  •     Prime Reading: Amazon’s e-book and magazine subscription service allows you to borrow books and magazines from a rotating selection of titles. Prime Reading is included as part of an Amazon Prime membership.
  •     Prime Gaming: This is Amazon’s gaming streaming service, which offers free games and in-game content and a free subscription to one Twitch channel each month. Prime Gaming is included as part of an Amazon Prime membership.
  •     Amazon Channels: This is a collection of premium streaming services that you can add to your Amazon Prime membership for an additional fee. Channels include HBO, Showtime, Starz, and many others.

Note that the streaming services included with Amazon Prime may vary by country, so it’s a good idea to check with Amazon to see which services are available in your area.

Amazon Prime Video explained, features

With Prime Video, users can access a variety of popular TV shows and movies, as well as original content produced by Amazon Studios. This includes award-winning shows like “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” “Transparent,” and “The Man in the High Castle.” Additionally, Prime Video offers access to live sports, documentaries, and children’s programming.

Prime Video can be accessed on various devices, including smart TVs, streaming media players, game consoles, and mobile devices. Amazon Prime members can also download titles to their devices for offline viewing. To download Prime Video titles for offline viewing, you need a Fire tablet or the Prime Video app for iOS, Android, macOS, or Windows 10, 11.

Overall, Prime Video is a popular option for those looking for a streaming service with a broad selection of content, including original programming, and is included as a benefit for those who have an Amazon Prime subscription.

Amazon Prime Music explained, features

With Prime Music, users can stream or download music for offline listening. The ad-free service allows users to skip songs and create their own playlists.

In addition to Prime Music, Amazon also offers a separate music streaming service called Amazon Music Unlimited. This service provides more than 70 million songs and is available to all Amazon customers, including those without an Amazon Prime subscription.

Prime Music is a popular option for those who want a basic music streaming service with a limited selection of songs. Still, it is a benefit for those with an Amazon Prime subscription. Amazon Music Unlimited may be a better option for those who want a more comprehensive selection of music.

Amazon Prime Reading explained, features

Amazon Prime Reading gives users free access to a rotating selection of ebooks, comics, magazines, and other reading materials.

With Amazon Prime Reading, users can browse and download a selection of popular titles in various genres, including bestsellers, classics, and novice authors. The service also includes a range of magazines and comics from publishers such as Marvel, DC, and National Geographic.

One of the key features of Amazon Prime Reading is the ability to access books on various devices, including Android smartphones, iPhones, tablets, and Kindle e-readers. Users can download books and other materials for offline reading and synchronize their progress across devices.

Another feature of Amazon Prime Reading is the ability to borrow up to 10 titles simultaneously, with no deadlines or restrictions. This means users can keep books as long as they want or return them and borrow new ones whenever possible.

Amazon Prime Gaming explained, features

Amazon Prime Gaming is a premium subscription service that offers a range of benefits and features to Amazon Prime members. The service was previously known as Twitch Prime before it was rebranded as Amazon Prime Gaming. Here are some of the key features of Amazon Prime Gaming:

  •     Free games: Amazon Prime Gaming members receive free games monthly, with new titles announced monthly. These games are available to download and keep forever.
  •     In-game content: Amazon Prime Gaming members can receive in-game content for popular games like Apex Legends, FIFA, and more.
  •     Twitch channel subscription: Amazon Prime Gaming members get one free Twitch channel subscription per month, which allows them to support their favorite streamers and access exclusive emotes and chat privileges.
  •     Free channel subscription trial: In addition to the free monthly channel subscription, Amazon Prime Gaming members can also try out other channels for free. This allows members to test out channels they may not have otherwise tried.
  •     Prime-exclusive chat badge: Amazon Prime Gaming members get a special chat badge to show off their status.

    Early access to select Amazon’s best deals: Amazon Prime Gaming members get early access to select deals on, including lightning deals.

Amazon Channels explained, features

Amazon Channels is a service that allows Amazon Prime members to add premium subscriptions to popular networks and streaming services to their Amazon account and access them through the Amazon Video app. Here are some key features of Amazon Channels:

  •     Premium networks and streaming services: Amazon Channels offers subscriptions to premium networks and streaming services such as HBO, Showtime, Starz, CBS All Access, and others. Each subscription has its own library of content that can be accessed through the Amazon Video app.
  •        No additional apps required: Amazon Channels subscriptions are available through the Amazon Video app, which means users don’t need to download additional apps to access the content. The app is available on various devices, including smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and streaming media players.
  •     Monthly Subscriptions to Amazon Channels are typically offered monthly, allowing users to add or cancel subscriptions as their viewing needs change quickly.
  •     Free Trial Periods: Many Amazon Channels subscriptions offer free trial periods, allowing users to try out the service before subscribing.
  •     Parental controls: Amazon Channels offers controls that allow parents to restrict access to certain content according to age rating.

How much is Amazon Prime

The cost of Amazon Prime depends on the country in which you live. In the U.S., an annual subscription to Amazon Prime costs $139 and includes access to all of the program’s benefits and services.

In some countries, such as the U.K., an annual subscription to Amazon Prime costs £95, and in Canada, it costs $99 Canadian. In other countries, the subscription cost may differ, and the benefits and services offered under Amazon Prime may vary.

Amazon also offers a monthly subscription to Amazon Prime in the U.S., which costs $14.99 monthly. In the U.K., it costs £8.99. However, annual subscriptions are usually more favorable.

Notably, Amazon Prime also offers a 30-day free trial for new users, with a 14-day trial in Canada, which allows you to try out the service before signing up for a subscription. In addition, some Amazon Prime benefits, such as Amazon Prime Video, are available separately without a complete Amazon Prime subscription, but costs and features may vary.

How to subscribe to Amazon Prime

To subscribe to Amazon Prime, follow these steps:

Visit the Amazon Prime website. You can find the site by searching for “Amazon Prime” in Google or typing “” into your browser.

Click on “Start a 30-day free trial.” This will take you to the Amazon Prime registration page.

Follow the instructions on the screen to create an Amazon account or sign in to your existing one. To create your account, you must provide a name, email address, and password.

Enter your billing information. You’ll need to provide a valid credit or debit card to pay for your Amazon Prime subscription. Amazon also offers the option to pay with your Amazon gift card balance if you have one.

Confirm your subscription. After you provide your payment information, Amazon will confirm your subscription, and you will become a member of the Amazon Prime service.

The process is similar if you prefer to subscribe to Amazon Prime through the Amazon mobile app. Download the Amazon app to your smartphone or tablet and follow the on-screen instructions to sign up for Amazon Prime.



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