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GamingWhat does OP mean in gaming

What does OP mean in gaming

The meaning of the OP acronym may vary slightly, depending on the context. In online video games, the term OP is used to describe a character or some object that isn’t balanced. That is, it’s overpowered. Such things happen often because online games are often updated, there is added various new content almost every week, not to mention the technical patches, etc.

What OP means in gaming

In general, when you see the term overpowered or OP in video games, it means that a character, weapon, or some other feature gives players an advantage over others in the game. This is because overpowered is a description of the object as the strongest and the best in the game. There is also a synonym for it – broken – which means that the object is so strong that it seems to break the game.

If this happens, the community often asks the developers to nerf an object or character that is overpowered. For example, League of Legends (LoL) often adds new champions that are initially OP, before being nerfed in later patches.

There is the opposite, though. For example, if a character or object is not strong enough or may not be popular with the community, many people ask the developers to buff these characters.

Such buffs and nerfs are used almost constantly because all the games are service games that constantly bring players new content. No wonder the developers have to constantly keep the game balanced by such methods.

What is OP and other abbreviations in PUBG Mobile

Abbreviations are shortened forms of a word or phrase. Here’re a few of the vital abbreviations which every player must know:

OP – OP means overpowered. This phrase is commonly used when a skill, character, or weapon overpowers the enemy with relative ease

GG – GG stands for Good Game and is usually said after completing a match, showing gratitude towards the teammates and thanking them

AFK – AFK means Away From Keyboard. This is used when the player is currently away from the device which is used while gaming. In the case of PUBG, this could stand as AFM, i.e. Away From Mobile

FPP – FPP stands for First Person Perspective

TPP – TPP stands for Third Person Perspective

(Both TPP and FPP are commonly used when discussing the settings)

HP – Hitpoints or Health Points is the amount of health the player has and denotes the amount of damage that can be max taken by the player

DC – DC means Disconnected it usually means that player has lost connection with the game due to several reasons like the loss of internet connection or other

BRB – BRB stands for being right back, indicating that the player promises to come back in a short amount of time and will be inactive for some time

GLHF – GLHF simply means Good Luck Have Fun. This is said before the start of the match, wishing everyone good luck, it’s said for having healthy competition

TY – TY denotes Thank You. It’s used to appreciate a player

Related slang and abbreviations

DebuffWeakening effect
HMHard mode
U mad broAre you mad?
L2PLearn to play

What OP means on social media

However, if you want to know more about the abbreviation OP, this paragraph will also help you. The fact is that you have probably met this abbreviation at least once in some social networks or posts. It means Original Poster or original post – which in turn indicates the author of the original post or the first post itself.

That is, when there is a correspondence or a thread, or when someone reposts a post, users when they want to mention the author of the original or first post, use this term as the abbreviation OP.

Now you know more about slang and abbreviations of different terms in gaming culture. Abbreviations aren’t only easy to use even while chatting via messengers but also useful in video games because if you play FPS shooters, it isn’t a good idea to write sentences in chat, as it will take those seconds that you have to apply in the game, so as not to give the enemy an advantage over you. And in general, it’s better to use a microphone in such cases. Then you will not need to be distracted by the chat and concentrate on the game.



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