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As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

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What are ESPN channels on Comcast Xfinity?

Finding ESPN among the more than a hundred channels Xfinity TV offers can be difficult, especially since there is no exact channel where ESPN is always located. It may vary from region to region. First try these channels: 700, 701 or 1309, 1310. If ESPN is not on them, then move on to this article, and you will find a more detailed list for different regions.

You can use a special tool on the Xfinity website to check exactly where ESPN is in your specific location. You will need to enter your address there, and the system will show you which channels and numbers are available in your home.

What channels are the ESPN channels usually on in Xfinity TV?

Since Xfinity is available throughout the US, the location of some specific channels may differ depending on the region where you live. For example, ESPN may be located on different channels in the Western, Central, and Northeastern US. Most often, you can find ESPN on one of the channels listed below:

  • ESPN HD: 700 or 1309 channels
  • ESPN2 HD: 701 or 1310 channels
  • ESPNU HD: 735 or 1325 channels
  • ESPN Deportes HD: 662 or 1538 channels
  • ESPN News HD: 702 or 1311 channels

However, if the ESPN channel you want is not on any of them, you should try the channels I list below in the table. I divide the channels into 3 regions: Northeastern US, Western US, and Central US:

Northeastern US

NameChannel Number
ESPN Deportes585/1231/3351/3481/23400
ESPN HD850/1205/21600
ESPN 2 HD851/1206/21700
ESPNEWS HD852/1210/22600
ESPNU HD853/1301/23500

Western US

NameChannel Number
ESPN Deportes619/23400
ESPN Deportes HD678/1231
ESPN2 HD725/1206/21700
ESPNEWS HD726/1210/22600
ESPNU HD788/1301/23500

Central US

NameChannel Number
ESPN Deportes609/23400
ESPN HD173/1205/21600
ESPN2 HD203/1206/21700
ESPNEWS HD231/1210/22600
ESPNU HD253/1301/23500
ESPN DeportesHD335/1231

If none of these channels work for you in your area, please skip to the following section where you will find information on how to find out the ESPN channel using your specific address.

How do I find the exact Xfinity TV channel where ESPN is located in my location?

If you can’t find ESPN on any of the channels listed above, you should try to determine for yourself which channel ESPN is on. To do this, you need to:

  • Then click on the TV & Streaming tab.
  • Here, select Channel Lineup.
  • In the field that appears in front of you, enter your exact address, including postal code and apartment number.

Follow the instructions until you see a list of all channels available in your location. Here, you will be able to find the ESPN and find out the exact channel number. Note that even channels that are not on your subscription will be displayed here. This is a list of all channels that you can get in Xfinity at your address.

Which Xfinity TV plans include ESPN?

ESPN offers all of the standard Xfinity TV plans. However, if you choose a plan where you manually select your channels, you may not have ESPN. Today, 5 basic Xfinity plans include ESPN. They differ in location and price:

Central and Western US

Package NamePrice
Popular Central$60 / month
Ultimate Central$80 / month
Popular Western$50 / month
Ultimate Western$60 / month

Northeastern US

Package NamePrice
Extra$68 / month
Digital Preferred$70 / month
Digital Premier$90 / month

You can choose any of them and use the instructions above to find ESPN in your specific location. As long as your location supports ESPN.

What other sports channels does Xfinity TV offer

If you find that ESPN is not available at your address or is not part of your package, there are several other sports channels that you can use instead of ESPN:

  • Fox Sports: Fox Sports provides coverage of the NFL, MLB, college football, and basketball, as well as other sports events.
  • NBC Sports: NBC Sports covers a wide range of sports, including the NHL, Premier League soccer, the Olympics, and more.
  • CBS Sports: CBS Sports offers coverage of college football and basketball, the NFL, the PGA Tour, and other sports events.
  • The Golf Channel: The Golf Channel specializes in golf coverage, including golf tournaments.

Please note that this is not a complete list, and Xfinity offers many more grassroots channels with sporting events. In addition, other channels may also occasionally broadcast sporting events.

Where else can I access ESPN?

As a major sports broadcasting network, ESPN is available on various platforms and services beyond traditional cable providers like Xfinity. Here are some other options to watch ESPN:

  • ESPN+
  • Streaming Services:
    • Sling TV
    • Hulu Live TV
    • YouTube TV
    • fuboTV
    • AT&T TV
  • Direct Satellite Providers
  • ESPN Official Website
  • Sports Bars & Restaurants

If you’re considering cutting the cord from traditional cable and looking for streaming options, many of the services mentioned above offer free trials.



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