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AppleWhat are badges on iPhone?

What are badges on iPhone?

One of the most important places on your device is the notification settings. If you want to make your experience better, you should definitely begin from there. It depends on how your notifications work, they can improve your time, as the notification alert type is a very important part to receive them in the right way.

What are lock screen alerts, notification center alerts, banner alerts, sounds, and badges

The section below will provide you with all the essential information about the different types of notification alerts that can be used on your iPhone or iPad. There are some differences between them and if you want to use them effectively, you should understand the differences. First of all, it’s important to know how to change the Notification type, as it’s the main process to improve your experience.

How to change the Notification type

Before starting the process, you should be aware of the fact that when you adjust the notifications on your iPhone or iPad, you should pinch the settings for each app separately.

So, if you want to change the Notification type, you should follow the steps which would be mentioned in the section below:

  • First of all, you should head to Settings.
  • After that, you should click on Notifications. There would be some global settings displayed at the top, followed by a list of all the apps that use notifications on your device.
  • Then, you should click on an app to adjust the notifications from it. There you’ll be able to alter the delivery times, sounds, and alert type. It’s also possible to turn off all notifications for the app at the top of the page.

In the Alerts section would be displayed three alert types, such as Lock ScreenNotification Center, and Banners. They’d be followed by an option to turn on Sounds and Badges for an app.

Lock Screen alerts

If you want notifications to be displayed on the Lock Screen of your device, you should turn on the Lock Screen option.

The main advantage of a Lock Screen notification is that you’ll instantly see it any time you take your iPhone or iPad. There is a disadvantage, of course, a Lock Screen notification may be seen by anyone else, as they’d be displayed without unlocking the device.

Fortunately, you can overcome most privacy matters this causes by hiding message content in notifications.

It would be a good idea to turn on Lock Screen notifications for critical and timely alerts (like phone calls and bank notifications) and switch them off for other chats in order not to get your Lock Screen messy.

Notification Center alerts

Anything that isn’t significant enough for a Lock Screen notification can be used with the Notification Center.

If you want the Notification Center to be displayed, you should swipe up from the Lock Screen or swipe down from the top of the screen after unlocking your device. There would be a list of different notifications, grouped by app, time, and date display.

It would be better to enable Notification Center alerts for every app that you want to receive notifications from. By doing this, you’d have an opportunity to occasionally review the Notification Center to assure you haven’t overlooked anything critical.

Banner alerts are the notifications that are displayed at the top of your screen while you’re active in another app on your device. Most of the time they remain instant in messaging apps, but they can be used for any type of notification. Banners give you an opportunity to stay involved in the app and reply to the message.

Banners are the most invasive type of alert, as they’ll pop up on your screen anyway. So. it would be better to turn on Banner alerts for important and timely notifications that you can’t afford to miss.

After enabling Banner alerts for an app, you’ll see a Banner Style option appear. There are two options:

  • Temporary banners are displayed at the top of your screen for a moment, then disappear on their own.
  • Persistent banners remain at the top of the screen until you dismiss them yourself. This gives you an opportunity not to miss some important notifications.


If you want your notification to make a sound when you receive it, you should turn on the Sounds option. It doesn’t depend on the Lock Screen, Notification Center, or Banners.


Badges are the red little circles or numbers that are displayed over an app icon on your Home Screen. They inform you of the number of unread notifications you have for that app. They may help to get an overview of the number of notifications that need to be read.

If you don’t want to use any other type of alert for an app, Badges is a perfect choice that lets you open the app itself to read any notifications you’ve missed.



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