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iOS 16

How to set medication reminders on iPhone and iPad

In the latest iOS 16 update, Apple added the ability to create a medication calendar right in the Health app.

How to see Wi-Fi password on iPhone or iPad

With the new update of the iOS there are several long-awaited features that will make it as easy as possible for Apple device users to manage Wi-Fi networks.

How to bypass CAPTCHA on iPhone or iPad

One of the new features of iOS 16 is the ability to bypass captchas on websites.

How to turn on the battery percentage on iPhone

On some models of newer iPhones, the ability to turn on your iPhone's percentage charge level right in the battery icon is back.

How to use video text recognition on iPhone

How does Live Text work in iOS 16?

How to use remote control with your Apple devices

In a new update, Apple has added a feature with which you can remotely control your other mobile devices.

How to сut out objects from photos on iPhone or iPad

In iOS 16, developers have added the ability to automatically cut out objects from your photos and save them as a separate image.

How to unsend emails in iPhone’s Mail app

Apple has added an Undo Emails feature to its email app.

How to add widgets to the lock screen on iPhone

What can you get using widgets?

How to edit and unsend text messages on iPhone

The long-awaited delete and edit feature is now available in your iMessage.