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GuidesHow to change the projection size on Samsung The Freestyle

How to change the projection size on Samsung The Freestyle

One of the most exciting new products at CES 2022 was the Freestyle miniature projector. The device weighs less than 2 pounds and comes with a 180-degree cradle stand designed to project content on any surface – whether floor, wall, table, or ceiling. The Freestyle produces images from 30 to 100 inches in 1080p resolution and offers auto-focus and auto-alignment capabilities on any surface. It also features 360-degree speakers and a high-sensitivity microphone to interact with the voice assistants Bixby and Alexa.

How the picture quality changes depending on the projection size

The Samsung Freestyle allows you to choose the most comfortable projection size for your viewing needs. You can change the size from 30 to 100 inches.

At 30 inches, the picture has pretty juicy colors and excellent brightness.

After size of 50 inches, the brightness loses a bit.

When you display up to 100 inches the juiciness of the picture and brightness drops off compared to 30 inches, but still, the picture will look nice and with Full HD resolution.

However, the projector gives a great picture at 100 inches compared to other devices on the portable projector market.

How to change the projection size on Freestyle

The projector optimizes screen size, automatically focuses and aligns the image even when pointed at an angle. Freestyle achieves this by automatically correcting keystone distortion, allowing you to adjust your projection for comfortable viewing in a couple of seconds.

The projector does all the hard work for you, so you can relax and enjoy your favorite content whenever and wherever you want.

You can also choose the projection size that is most comfortable for you. To increase the screen size you need to put the projector away from the projection area, to decrease the size you need to put the projector closer to the projection area.

To make it easier for users, Samsung has introduced optimal screen sizes from 30 to 100 inches diagonally, depending on the distance of the projector from the surface:

DistanceScreen size
2.6 ft30″
4.9 ft 55″
5.6 ft 65″
6.6 ft 75″
8.8 ft 100″

This way, by setting your Freestyle in the distance that is specified in the table you can achieve the desired screen size for the most comfortable viewing.

What features can improve your content viewing experience on Freestyle

Freestyle has smart features already familiar to many Samsung users, such as:

  • Voice Assistant.
  • Screen mirroring with AirPlay and Samsung Tap View.
  • The SmartThings app allows you to control your device remotely and adjust the projector’s brightness and color directly from your phone’s screen.

Especially useful is the Smart Calibration feature that automatically analyzes your environment, such as wall color and lighting conditions, to help create a much better image.



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