As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

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How to get Peacock on older Samsung TV

One of the most popular trends today is streaming services. Users believe they are much more convenient than classroom television and are more often preferred. The main advantage of streaming services is that they work on the principle of video on demand. You don’t have to wait for the movie you want to watch as scheduled. You play it at any time. One of the popular streaming services lately is Peacock. However, some users have trouble accessing their favorite streaming service on Samsung Smart TVs.

The advantage of Smart TV has always been that you don’t need additional hardware to run apps or turn on the movie you want. You can use the built-in Smart TV system right from your Samsung TV. However, as technology constantly evolves, some older Samsung TVs no longer support many applications. Most often, this is because they run on an outdated operating system that does not support some of the mandatory features for the correct operation of Peacock-type applications. Let’s understand what kind of Samsung TV Peacock works and what you can do to get this streaming even on an old Samsung Smart TV.

Is Peacock compatible with old Samsung TVs

Let me answer your main question: Peacock does not work with legacy Samsung Smart TVs. The problem will most likely occur if you have a Samsung TV manufactured before 2017. Models manufactured in 2017 and officially supported by Peacock.

This is most likely because, after 2017, all Samsung TVs come with Tizen or Chromecast operating system. I haven’t found an explanation from the developers why the Peacock app is no longer available on older Samsung TVs. This is most likely because the developers are switching last to newer tools. A similar situation happened with the YouTube app for some Samsung Smart TVs.

In such a situation, you have few options left to get Peacock on your Samsung Smart TV; however, below, I will tell you some tricks you can use to avoid upgrading your TV.

How to watch Peacock on unsupported Samsung TV

Let’s discuss the options available so you can watch Peacock even on an old Samsung Smart TV. I found two possible ways that you can use. But they will require you to use additional hardware, which might not be very convenient. Let me tell you about each of them in turn.

The first one I can recommend is using AirPlay if you have an Apple device. You can run it from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Then you can open Peacock on your device and stream the picture directly to the Samsung TV. The only condition is that both of your devices have to be nearby and on the same network.

You can also use a set-top box. You can buy even the cheapest set-top box for $ 20-30 and install Peacock. In this case, you can enjoy all the benefits of the Samsung TV application as if it was installed on your Samsung TV. The disadvantage of this method is that you will need to power your set-top box somehow.

How to install Peacock on your Samsung TV?

Let’s also figure out how to install Peacock on your Samsung TV if it’s compatible. I recommend you check if this method works before buying a new TV at the store. Maybe your Samsung TV isn’t that outdated yet. To do this, you’ll need to:

  • Go to the Samsung Smart TV home page using the Home button.
  • Then, go to the Apps tab.
  • Here, you will need to select Search with the magnifying glass button.
  • Next, type Peacock into the Search.
  • Find the app you want in the list and click on Install to install it on your Samsung Smart TV.

Of course, this will require you to have an internet connection and some time until your Samsung TV downloads and installs the Peacock app. It would be best to explore the application library, as Peacock may be pre-installed on your Samsung Smart TV, depending on the delivery region. If you do not find Peacock in the list of apps, unfortunately, your Samsung TV is incompatible with this application.



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