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GuidesParamount Plus on Samsung TV compatibility list

Paramount Plus on Samsung TV compatibility list

Paramount Plus (formerly CBS All Access) is a video content streaming service. You can watch through the apps on your TV, but you can also watch through other devices such as Roku TV. Note that not all Samsung TVs support the Paramount Plus app.

Сan’t find Paramount Plus on Samsung TV

Unfortunately, not all Samsung TVs support watching videos through the TV app. If you do not find the Paramount+ app in the app store on your TV, your TV probably does not support the app. Paramount Plus is available on 2017-2021 Samsung TVs. If your TV should support the app but you don’t find it, check your TV’s software update. The app was released in 2021, your TV may not have updated the operating system.

How to update the operating system on your Samsung TV

  • Press the Menu button on the remote control or Home (Smart remote) .
  • Select “Settings.”
  • Scroll down and press “Support
  • Select “Software Update.”
  • Select “Update now

If the TV detects a new software version, update the operating system. After the update, check the applications, Paramount+ should appear in the list.

My Samsung TV supports Paramount Plus

Check to see if your TV model is listed. The model number should be M, N, R, T, A. If you can’t remember what model of TV you have, look up the model number in the menu. To do this, do the following

  • Press the menu button or the Home button on the Smart remote control.
  • Select Support (for older TVs).
    • On new TVs, select “Settings
    • Press “Support“.
  • Press “Contact Samsung
  • About this TV

List of compatible Samsung TVs with Paramount Plus

  • 2017: MSxxxxx, MUxxxxx, Qxxxxx,
  • 2018: NSxxxxx, NUxxxxx, series QxxxxNx, series LSxxNx,
  • 2019: RUxxxxx, QxxR, LSxxR
  • 2020: TUxxxxx, QxxxT, QxxxT, LSxxT
  • 2021: AUxxxxx, QxxxA, QxxxA, LSxxA

If your Samsung TV model is on this list, you will find the Paramount Plus app in the app store on your TV.


  1. I have a QN65Q9FAM with the latest update installed. After installing Paramount+ the app loads but will not stream content or live shows. Deleted and reloaded serval times and took TV back to factory settings. No joy!
    Spoke with Samsung Tech Support and they told me that there is an issue with this model TV and the app since March 2022. Have trouble believing this but nonetheless am unable to get the app to stream content. Unable to contact Paramount Tech Support…

    1) Can someone verify this model TV is in fact a problem
    2) Is there a near-term solution
    3) What are the 3rd party add-ons that would work (Firestick, Roku, add a DVD/Blue-ray, ect.)
    Thanks in advance for any help

    • SO I found a solution. Cancelled the direct subscription with Paramount+, deleted the app from the TV and added the subscription to my Amazon Prime account. Now it works. Only disadvantage is that Amazon does not give annual pricing so it costs 1$1.66/month more. Oh well, problem solved.

  2. I have a Samsung Smart Tv from 2019 (QE55Q70RATXXC), i have updated the software (newest version available), I live in Finland and have the paramount app and subscription on my Samsung phone. Why can’t I find the Paramount Plus app on my 2019 Samsung Smart TV? I hate streaming everything from my phone when my kids want to watch some cartoons.

    • Check if the correct country is selected in the TV settings. Not just the language. This might be the reason. The list of available apps varies depending on the country or region settings.

  3. My Model number is UN40J5200
    Should the app work on this TV? I’ve tried everything to get the app but have been unsuccessful finding it.

    • Yes, your TV supports Paramount plus. Check your Paramount+ account, and be sure to activate your device as well.

      • When I click on TV’s Paramount+ icon a spinning icon appears and says loading, a few seconds later screen just stays black. The TV never gives me an access code to put in iPhone.

        • This sounds like an application malfunction. Restart the TV by unplugging the TV for 1 minute. Also clear the TV cache, hold down the power button for at least 20 seconds when turning on the TV. This might help you.

    • Try clearing the TV memory cache. When you turn on the TV, hold down the power button for at least 20 seconds, the TV memory cache is cleared.

  4. My Samsung TV is from 2016 so the Paramount plus app isn’t available. Are there any other apps that I can use to stream? Or do I have to get a new TV ?!

    • You can find available apps in the app store on your TV. You can also buy a separate device like Roku. It’s cheaper than buying a new TV.

    • Check which country you selected when you set up the TV. If everything is correct and the app is not in the store, it means that the app has not yet been created for this version of the Tizen operating system (used by Samsung for TVs). Not done language adaptation. Try to set the English language, maybe the application will appear.

    • Your TV 2020. Paramount+ is not available in all countries. Visit https://www.paramountplus.com/ If you are prompted to subscribe to the newsletter, the service does not work in your country. If you see a page inviting you to buy a subscription, it works. Of course, if Paramount+ does not work in your region, you will not find it in the app store on your TV.

      • Thanks for the reply, but I’ve had a Paramount+ subscription for a year now, since it became available here, so that cannot be the problem. Therefore, I simply don’t understand why I can’t find the app on the TV ;/

        • I had the app as well, and now it disappeared. I thought I was going crazy, but clearly something weird happened if you lost it as well. I’ve had the app/subscription for months!

  5. I have a Series 9 65 inch MU9000 Curved Premium UHD LED TV – the software is up to date.
    There is NO Paramount Plus app available, even on searching.


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