Paramount Plus (formerly CBS All Access) is a video content streaming service. You can watch through the apps on your TV, but you can also watch through other devices such as Roku TV. Note that not all Samsung TVs support the Paramount Plus app.

Сan’t find Paramount Plus on Samsung TV

Unfortunately, not all Samsung TVs support watching videos through the TV app. If you do not find the Paramount+ app in the app store on your TV, your TV probably does not support the app. Paramount Plus is available on 2017-2021 Samsung TVs. If your TV should support the app but you don’t find it, check your TV’s software update. The app was released in 2021, your TV may not have updated the operating system.

How to update the operating system on your Samsung TV

  • Press the Menu button on the remote control or Home (Smart remote) .
  • Select “Settings.”
  • Scroll down and press “Support
  • Select “Software Update.”
  • Select “Update now

If the TV detects a new software version, update the operating system. After the update, check the applications, Paramount+ should appear in the list.

My Samsung TV supports Paramount Plus

Check to see if your TV model is listed. The model number should be M, N, R, T, A. If you can’t remember what model of TV you have, look up the model number in the menu. To do this, do the following

  • Press the menu button or the Home button on the Smart remote control.
  • Select Support (for older TVs).
    • On new TVs, select “Settings
    • Press “Support“.
  • Press “Contact Samsung
  • About this TV

List of compatible Samsung TVs with Paramount Plus

  • 2017: MSxxxxx, MUxxxxx, Qxxxxx,
  • 2018: NSxxxxx, NUxxxxx, series QxxxxNx, series LSxxNx,
  • 2019: RUxxxxx, QxxR, LSxxR
  • 2020: TUxxxxx, QxxxT, QxxxT, LSxxT
  • 2021: AUxxxxx, QxxxA, QxxxA, LSxxA

If your Samsung TV model is on this list, you will find the Paramount Plus app in the app store on your TV.


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