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BrowsersHow to use Google Chrome Reader Mode on PC and Mac

How to use Google Chrome Reader Mode on PC and Mac

Google Chrome Reader Mode is a feature-packed distraction-free web reader with dyslexia support and research tools

Reader Mode is a feature-packed Chrome reading extension and web app that removes clutter, ads and distractions. The app also provides the users with dyslexia support, bookmarking, annotating, highlighting, text-to-speech and a wide range of options that are gathered in one tool. 

The list of features is below:
 1. Distraction-free and ad-free "Reader Mode"
 2. Deletion of unwanted elements
 3. Theme customization
 4. Custom theme
 5. Custom CSS
 6. Print pages
 7. Fullscreen mode
 8. Auto-run ability
 9. Save edited pages
10. Share To Twitter
11. Dyslexia Fonts
12. Dyslexia Ruler
13. Text To Speech
14. Article Outline
15. Text annotating and highlighting
16. Notes List
17. Auto-scroll functionality
18. Dark Panel Mode
19. Google Search
20. Google Translate
21. Remove footer option
22. Cloud storage
23. Share pages in Reader Mode format
24. Read-it-later mode
25. Full-text search
26. Favourites
27. Organization folders
28. Tags for pages 
29. Sync styles

Is the Reader Mode available in Chrome

When you use another browser like Microsoft Edge, you’ll find that there’s an option called Reader Mode. If this mode is enabled once you visit an internet site, the page will only show you the article text within the middle, and therefore the background color is mild. Without the interruption of other mess information, you’ll have an honest reading experience.

So, is there a reader mode in Chrome?

Surely, there is. Chrome provides a built-in Reader Mode, but this mode will not be switched on by default. Reader mode should be turned on in Chrome manually.

The information below will provide you with information about the ways how to enable Reader Mode in Chrome and the way to use it to offer you a far better reading background.

How to Enable Reader Mode in Chrome

Two steps are required to enable Reader Mode in Chrome. There are some steps below to do that:

At first, you should update Chrome

Your Chrome browser should be kept always up-to-date in order to be able to enable Reader Mode in Chrome. To do that, you should:

  1. First, you should open Chrome.
  2. Then, you should tap the 3-dot menu on the top-right corner.
  3. After that, in Help you should find About Google Chrome option.
  4. Chrome will begin to automatically check for updates and perform an automatic update if available.

Then, you should enable Reader Mode

The following steps will help you to do that:

  1. First of all, the address bar should be highlighted and you should replace settings/Help with flags.
  2. After that click on Enter to continue.
  3. Then, reader mode should be typed into the highest search bar, and you’ll see the result immediately.
  4. After that, you may expand the choices within the Enable Reader Mode section and select Enabled.
  5. A Relaunch button will be displayed on the bottom-right corner. You should tap on it to relaunch Chrome to use the change.

Now, Reader Mode is enabled in Chrome.

How to Use Reader Mode in Chrome

You will not see the reader mode icon immediately. You’ll attend an available page to use this reader mode in Chrome. Now, we’ll show you ways to use reader mode in Chrome.

Chrome Reader Mode Extensions

You could also use Chrome reader mode extensions to urge a far better reading experience. Here, we show you two choices: Reader View and Reader Mode. You’ll look for them by yourself.

When you see them on the Chrome web store page, you should press the increase Chrome button and follow the instructions to put them in Chrome.

Generally speaking, a reader mode extension is more powerful than the snap-in tool. For instance, you give your some choices to customize the reader mode in Chrome. You’ll add such a Chrome extension for further use.

How to enable Chrome Reader Mode on a Mac

If you are an owner of Mac, a few extensions will allow you to look at pages in reader mode. These extensions are designed to eliminate distracting and unnecessary elements from a webpage, supplying you with a far better reading experience on any device.

  • Reader View: Strips away distracting elements like images and buttons and changes a webpage’s text size, contrast, and layout for better readability.
  • Just Read: Removes ads, pop-ups, comments, and more. It allows you to use dark and lightweight themes (good for hard-to-read websites) also apply your custom styling to sites.
  • DOM Distiller Reading Mode: Removes images, sidebars, pop-ups, and other distracting elements from a webpage.

Hope the article was helpful for you.



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