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GuidesHow to unblur Course Hero with inspect element

How to unblur Course Hero with inspect element

In today’s world, learning is a crucial step. Every day there are many new technologies, jobs, and professions. Not surprisingly, the demand for training materials is very high. With the advent of the Internet, learning new skills has become much more manageable. All you have to do is log on to the right site to download the course you are interested in, watch the guide or download other training materials. For this purpose, we even developed a unique resource called Course Hero. This is a website where a lot of different training materials are collected.

But as with anything of quality in this world, you have to pay for access to the documents and courses posted on the Course Hero site. However, there are several ways you can access the materials for free. There are legal ways to get the documents you want for free, and you can also open them with a page inspection tool in your browser. It is worth mentioning that this is a rather unobvious way, and you may experience problems accessing domains in this way. However, let’s find out what you need to do and how.

What is Course Hero?

Let’s start by understanding the Hero Course service and how you can use it gratuitously. If you are not interested in more detailed information about this service and want to see the detailed steps for Course Hero documents, then you can go to the next section of the article, where you will find the instructions you need.

Course Hero is an educational platform with hundreds of documents and courses. On Course Hero, you can find materials such as a learning platform containing practice problems, study guides, infographics, class notes, step-by-step explanations, essays, lab reports, videos, user-submitted questions paired with answers from tutors, and original materials created and created and uploaded by educators.

In addition, you can also upload your materials to the platform. The platform works like a subscription service where you can buy access to documents. You can also get free access to the documents if you upload your materials and other users find them useful. In addition, before subscribing or buying a particular document, you can look through a part of it to see if it has what you need.

How to unblur Course Hero documents on a desktop browser with inspect element

To begin with, I wanted to tell you how you can access blurred documents using the developer tools in your browser. This method will work with most modern browsers, but I tested it specifically with Google Chrome, so it’s best to use Google Chrome for this. To unblur the chats document in Course Hero, you will need the following:

  • Open the platform and log into your account.
  • After that, open a preview of the document you want.
  • Right-click on the document and select Inspect from the drop-down list.
  • Then you need to select the Sources tab in the drop-down menu.
  • In Sources, find the doc-asset folder.
  • You need to open the following folder that begins with the letters bf and finds a file with the desired page of your document.
  • When you find the desired file, right-click on it and open it in a separate tab.
  • Now you will need to edit the address line with the address to that file. Erase the “-html-bg” section from the URL.
  • After that, you will need to replace split-0 with split-1 to unblur the second part of the document.

Note that in this case, when you change the split parameter, it will blur that part of the document which was blurred before. It is also worth mentioning that this does not always work with all documents. However, you should try this method with your pages several times before giving up because sometimes it does not work the first time. If you can’t blur the image, you might want to skip to the next section for information on how to get these documents for free legally.

How to access Course Hero documents for free

As I mentioned earlier, the Course Hero platform has tools to access the documents you need for free. It’s pretty easy to do, but you must upload your resources to the site. For every 10 documents you upload, you will get 5 unlocks of the courses or any other materials you need. This is handy if you are, for example, writing an essay. You can after you finish it and get your grade, upload it to Course Hero and get access to other unlocked materials. You can also get free access to the following activities:

  • If 5 of your documents are unlocked, you’ll earn a free unlock.
  • When your document gets five thumbs-ups, you’ll earn a free unlock.
  • Rate 5 documents or five questions to get one free unlock.
  • Review five documents to get a free unlock.

However, please note that before your document is accepted and published, it must go through moderation. This usually takes up to 24 hours. After moderation, your document will be available to any Course Hero subscriber who wants to unlock it. You should consider this before uploading so that you don’t upload any work that is not intended for online distribution.



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