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How to turn on light mode on Discord

Many gamers and not only known to Discord and his versatility. This app allows people from the same circle of communication, activities to create their own servers, where it’s convenient for everyone to keep in touch and constantly exchange different media. Moreover, Discord is famous for its simple and good quality chat. There can be as common chat rooms, as well as private. Moreover, you can broadcast your screen, app, or game while chatting. Thus, Discord has created an entire community that can gather in one place.

In addition to all this, Discord allows you to customize the interface – from the language to a special offer in the form of Discord Nitro. The latter allows users to use emoticons, customize the look of Discord and their profile, broadcast in better quality, etc. However, of course, it’s for a fee.

In addition to all of the above, Discord for free gives you the opportunity to use the interface in both light and dark modes. In fact, Discord was originally released in a dark version and many people are already accustomed to this mode. And when it came out the opposite – a light theme, most of them for some reason didn’t like it. Perhaps because everyone has adapted to one and there is always no desire to adapt to another. Or maybe because the light mode just strains the eye.

In any case, whatever the reason, if you want to change the appearance of your workspace in Discord, then this article will help you.

What is the difference between Discord light mode and dark mode

Before you completely change the appearance of your app, you can read about the difference between these two modes in Discord:

  • Discord dark mode is found to be much eye-friendly than discord light mode
  • Photosensitive users cannot see texts in discord light mode properly but they can see properly in discord dark mode
  • Light mode on discord is hard to adjust than dark mode. Profile names, gifs, and pic are adjusted and made according to dark mode and they might not be suitable for light mode

In general, many Discord users are people who play games. And it so happens that many of them spend their time playing in the dark. And as you know, when the light in the room is dim, you don’t want the blinding whiteness of the monitor screen in your eyes. This has led to a lot of discussion in the community and many have even started to make memes about how a bright Discord mode makes them blind.

In addition, the interface becomes quite awkward when the mode is light, and this didn’t give very good feedback either.

How to switch to light mode on Discord desktop app

However, if you still have the desire to change the interface or you just want a little variety in the appearance of Discord – it’s quite possible to put a light mode in Discord. Here’s a little guide on how to do it:

  • Open your discord app and click on click on the setting gear from the bottom near your profile
  • Then click on the appearance from the given options to turn on light mode
  • Now from the theme, choose the light option. Now discord light mode theme will be enabled in your discord app

Is it possible to enable Discord light mode via the mobile app

Of course, there are situations when you can’t have access to a PC or laptop and you urgently need to hold a conference in Discord on a mobile device. And when you’re still on the road and the weather is sunny, the dark mode in Discord can prevent you from doing it at all. Here’s a quick guide on how to enable light mode in Discord on your mobile device:

  • At first, you need to open your discord app then click on the profile icon from the bottom left of your screen
  • Then scroll down and click on appearance where you will see an option to turn on discord light mode
  • Then click on light from the theme and light mode will be enabled in your discord app

And you’re done!

Is there a way to switch back to dark mode via Discord

Well, if you didn’t appreciate the light mode and realized that you’re more comfortable working with the dark mode in Discord, then here’s how to get it all back:

  • Open your discord app and click on the setting gear icon near your profile from the bottom of your screen
  • Then choose the appearance option from the sidebar
  • Now choose dark from the theme option. Dark mode will be enabled or turned on in your discord app

And that is pretty much all information on how to switch to light mode on Discord.



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