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As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

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How to turn off the PS5 controller

The DualSense controller on the PlayStation 5 is a major upgrade over its predecessor. The DualSense controller on the PlayStation 5 is a major upgrade over its predecessor. DualSense has some advantages, such as improved adaptive triggers. However, the triggers consume more battery, which causes your controller to run out faster.

If you turn the controller off often, it can significantly extend the battery life, so it’s important to know how to turn off your PS5 controller quickly and correctly. Turning off the PS5 controller is a bit different from previous generations, but even if you are using a Sony joystick for the first time it won’t be a big problem for you.

How to disconnect the PS5 controller using the Quick Menu

The easiest and fastest way to disable your controller is with the quick menu. You can use this method even when you are in the game. This way you can disconnect any other controller from your PC5:

  1. You need to press the PlayStation button on your joystick to bring up the “Quick Menu”.
  2. This will bring up the “Cards Menu”, then you need to swipe down to go to the “Quick Menu”.
  3. Next, you need to go to “Accessories” (the icon looks like a controller and is between the microphone and your account settings).
  4. After you go to “Accessories” you will see all of the accessories connected to the PS5.
  5. Select from the list the controller which you want to disable and click on it.
  6. When you choose it you will be presented with two options: “Disable” or “Controller settings”.
  7. Click on the “Disable” option.

After these steps, your controller will quickly shut down.

How to disable the PS5 controller using the Settings Menu

There’s another way to disable the PS5 controller. This way is more complicated, but maybe you will need it someday. To disable the controller you need to:

  1. Go to the PlayStation 5 home screen.
  2. Next, go to the “Settings Menu” (located in the upper right corner near the time).
  3. Once you have clicked you will see a list of options, click on “Accessories”.
  4. The first option you see is “General options”, go there.
  5. You have three options to choose from, so go for the second option “Turn Off Accessories”.
  6. Select the gamepad you want to turn off and you select “Turn Off”.

How to activate the automatic shutdown of the controller

The DualSense and DualShock2 controllers turn off automatically if they aren’t used for a certain amount of time. The automatic shutdown is designed to save power and prevent battery wear and tear.

However, you can change the time after which your controller shuts down by following these steps:

  • On the home screen, in the upper right corner, click on “Settings” (the gear icon).
  • Then go to the “System”.
  • Scroll down and find “Power Saving”.
  • You need to choose a “Set time until controllers turn off”.
  • You will be presented with four options to choose from:
    • After 10 minutes
    • After 30 minutes
    • After 60 minutes
    • Do not turn off
  • Choose a suitable time, the optimal midpoint is 30 minutes.
  • Close the settings

Now your DualSense or DualShock2 will automatically turn off after the time you want.

How to turn off Dualsense if it isn’t connected to PS5

You can connect the DualSense Controller to a PC or other devices that are compatible with the joystick. In this case, you won’t be able to use the methods mentioned above.

However, you can disconnect the controller with a special shortcut. You need to press the PS and Options keys simultaneously for 10 seconds. After that, your DualSense will shut down completely and won’t consume the battery.



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