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GuidesHow to turn off subtitles on LG TV

How to turn off subtitles on LG TV

Subtitles are a great feature that is provided by LG TV for people that have problems with hearing. It makes it easier for them to watch their favourite movies and entertain themselves. Sometimes, everything isn’t as easy as we may want it to be. For example, unless you have an LG TV set with an up, down, left, right, power, and menu button on the actual device, you won’t be able to switch off the subtitles directly from an LG TV when you don’t have a working remote available. Odds are, none of the above applies to you—and, like most LG TV owners, you probably only have a power button.

Unfortunately, users have a tendency to leave their remotes in some faraway places, for example, coach, another room, the far table, etc. Sometimes, some of your relatives may put the remote in a place where you won’t even know. In this case, you’ll be able to turn off subtitles without the remote. So, let’s get down to the guide.

What you should know about closed captioning on LG TV

Modern TVs provide their users with a huge variety of features and options, which may confuse new users. Sometimes of course users want to enable the closed captioning, for example, on Samsung TV. So, when they notice that the LG TV has enabled captioning, they may wonder how to get rid of those annoying words. Unfortunately, it won’t be possible to do it immediately. The process of switching off subtitles on different models of LG multifunction TV sets can be different. Not only LG users want to disable the closed captioning, but also Apple Users. Moreover, sometimes it’s possible not only to switch them on or off, but also control subtitles with the remote control.

There are two methods of switching off closed captioning on LG TV.

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How to disable the CC on the LG TV

Not only LG TV users want to disable the closed captioning, but Fubo users also want to watch their favorite content with a clear image. If you want to do this by finding the CC icon, you should follow the prompts which would be mentioned in the section below:

  • First of all, you should switch on your LG TV and find the program you want to be captioned.
  • After that, you should click on “Enter”. After that, there would be a banner with information about the show displayed, and in the upper right corner, you’ll find two icons. One of these icons is the closed captions icon (“CC”).
  • To complete the process, you should click on this icon in order to switch off captions.

You would be definitely notified if the closed captioning has been successfully disabled by displaying a notification on the screen. The closed captioning should disappear immediately.

How to turn off closed captioning on the LG TV via the accessibility settings

Closed captioning may annoy users who have turned them on accidentally. However, not only LG TV users face this problem, but Apple ones also. Fortunately, we know how to solve this problem on Apple TV also.

If you want to switch off closed captioning on your LG TV via the accessibility settings, you should follow the prompts which would be displayed in the section below:

  • First of all, you should click on the “Home” button on the remote control.
  • After that, you should head to the LG TV settings menu.
  • Then, you should tap on the “Accessibility” section which can be found in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • Next, you should head to the “Closed Captions” option.
  • To complete the process, in the closed captioning settings, in addition to switching them off or on, you can choose the analogue or digital mode, and also you’ll be able to change some digital mode settings.

The “Digital Mode Options” give you an opportunity to format your captions. There you’ll be able to adjust the font, text size, text color, etc.

What to do if closed captioning is switched off, but subtitles are still on

This issue is a common one, as many users face this problem. Even when you’ve switched the subtitles off, as we said before, the subtitles remain. In some cases, it may be caused when the subtitles are switched on somewhere other than the TV.

Closed captioning is available on various devices you use with your LG TV. From your cable TV to your Roku or Firestick device, closed captioning may be enabled because it is set up on another device. Once you’ve ensured subtitles are switched off on your LG TV using the methods that were mentioned in the upper section, you should make sure that the subtitles are turned off on the connected devices as well.

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How to switch off Google Assistant on an LG TV

Even though many users want to disable the Google Assistant, it still has many useful features.

Google Assistant on LG TVs is a great feature which was introduced to make the user’s experience much better using artificial intelligence. It’s a voice-activated assistant that gives you an opportunity to control your TV with spoken commands and access hands-free information.

It works as the centre of control for both connected devices and entertainment content which is kept on your Smart LG TV. It is possible to customise volume, switch apps or inputs, or search for content like movies or games via your voice.

However, Google Assistant isn’t always the best way. You’re required to contend with a “Meet Your Google Assistant” prompt message as soon as the TV would be turned on. Moreover, you would be required to follow the on-screen prompts and accept the use. This may annoy people, especially when they want to get something quickly, so they may want to get rid of it. To use Google Assistant, you also have to learn several commands. For these reasons, some people prefer turning this feature off.

So, if you want to switch off Google Assistant, you should follow the steps which would be mentioned in the section below:

  1. First of all, you should open the settings menu. To do that, you should tap the button on the remote.
  2. After that, you should use the down arrow on your remote to scroll down to All Settings.
  3. Then, when the All Settings screen would be displayed, you should tap on General.
  4. Next, you should scroll down the General submenu and click on User Agreements.
  5. To complete the process, you should uncheck the box next to Terms… and tap on Agree to complete the process.

Once you’ve taken these steps, your TV will restart, and Google Assistant should be disabled. You’ll be able to switch on your TV and start watching your movie or show right away. You’ll also have disabled the microphone on your remote, meaning you won’t be able to issue spoken commands to Google Assistant.



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