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AmazonHow to turn off Amazon One-Click ordering everywhere

How to turn off Amazon One-Click ordering everywhere

Amazon is a very convenient place to shop and use different services, but sometimes people need to customize some settings to suit themselves. Especially the One-Click ordering, which may even be unnecessary for some people. Fortunately, Amazon took care of their users’ preferences and provided the ability to remove this feature. Here’s how to find it on desktop computers and mobile.

How to Disable Amazon 1-Click Ordering Everywhere on Desktop PC and Mac

To disable 1-Click Ordering everywhere (across all devices and browsers) on Windows, Linux, or Mac in a desktop browser, firstly you need to open an Amazon web page in your preferred browser. On the top of this page, you will see a toolbar of the Amazon website and click Account & Lists just under your name.

On the Your Account page, you will see lots of text blocks filled with links. In the Ordering and Shopping Preferences box, select 1-Click Settings.

This link that you have to choose will lead you to the Your Account > Your Payments > SettingsYour Purchase Preferences page. Now on this page, click the Disable 1-Click Everywhere link located in the box near the upper-right corner of the page.

After you have done that, you’ll see a confirmation window informing you that 1-Click purchasing has been disabled for all browsers and devices.

If you want to turn on it again later, simply click the switch beside 1-Click disabled for this browser to enable it. You’ll need to repeat this step for every browser that you want to use 1-Click Ordering in.

How to Disable Amazon 1-Click Ordering Everywhere on Mobile Devices

Sometimes we don’t have a laptop at hand and need to change the settings at a particular moment, so Amazon gives its users the ability to set up a profile from their mobile devices and with convenient settings.

To disable 1-Click Ordering everywhere on mobile devices, the first thing you should do is to open the Amazon app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Click on the Menu button that looks like three horizontal lines and select Your Account.

If you don’t have an app and are not eager to download it, you can visit the Amazon web page in your mobile device browser. When it loads, click the menu button in the upper-left corner, then scroll down and select Account. From here on out, the method is the same for both Amazon’s mobile website and the Amazon app.

In the list that appears, scroll down to the Account Settings section and tap 1-Click Settings. Under Your Purchase Preferences, tap Disable 1-Click everywhere.

After you have done, you’ll see a confirmation that 1-Click purchasing has been disabled.

In case you want to turn it back on later, you’ll need to do it on a per-device basis. Revisit Your Account > 1-Click Settings and tap the switch beside 1-Click disabled for this device. Once it’s turned on, the message will change to 1-Click enabled for this device.

Now you are safe from spontaneous clicking and purchasing unnecessary stuff. Enjoy your shopping sessions!



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