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StreamingChromecastHow to turn off Chromecast in a few steps

How to turn off Chromecast in a few steps

It is recommended to keep your Chromecast always plugged in and connected to your TV in order to let the updates be installed automatically. To plug it into another TV, the device should be turned off in order not to prevent the data from being corrupted.

If you need to turn off Chromecast, there are multiple ways. While doing them, you don’t necessarily have to power the device off at all. The information below will tell you about the various ways that you can power off your Chromecast and what situations would necessitate a disconnection.

How to turn off a Chromecast

Your Chromecast won’t be turned off after your TV would be switched off. Instead, it will be placed into “standby” mode, which is the equivalent of “going to sleep.” You should use the next methods if you want to switch your device off:

Unplug it from the wall

Unplugging your Chromecast from the wall while it is not in use presents little (if any) risks. Chromecast uses a lot of data, but not much electricity. You should not unplug your Chromecast while it is streaming media, as this could cause problems.

While unplugging your device, you should not:

  • Forcefully rip the HDMI USB from your TV.
  • Touch the charging port’s prongs while unplugging it.
  • Remove the HDMI USB at an angle.

The primary risk in unplugging your Chromecast from the wall is messing up the pins within the HDMI USB. This is one of the simplest ways to unplug your Chromecast.

Disconnect the device from your smartphone

Not everyone would like to unplug the Chromecast from the wall, in this case, you may turn it off by disconnecting it using your smartphone. To do that, you should follow some simple steps.

Disconnecting your iPhone from your Chromecast involves two easy steps, which are:

  1. First, you should open the app you are streaming with (i.e., YouTube, Netflix, etc.).
  2. Then, click the Chromecast symbol on the screen (it will likely be located at the top or bottom of your screen).  
  3. Choose “Stop Casting

Keep in mind that closing out of the app you are using to stream will not disconnect your phone from your Chromecast; you can actually use other apps on your mobile device while streaming with Chromecast.

How to disconnect the Chromecast from your Android phone

Disconnecting your Chromecast using an Android device is literally the same process as disconnecting an iPhone; simply tap on the Chromecast icon and select “Stop Casting.”

If you want to stop mirroring your Android’s screen onto your TV, you should follow some steps below”

  1. First, open the Google Home app.
  2. Then, you should choose your device.
  3. After that, go to “Settings
  4. Click on “Stop Mirroring

You do not need to turn your Chromecast off when it is not in use. However, there are a couple of reasons you should do so.

Turn off the notifications

The Chromecast will always provide you with information if someone else but not you use Chromecast, the notification will tell you their name, what app is used, and some other options.

If it is unnecessary for you to get this kind of notification, every time someone other than yourself uses Chromecast, you can disable this option rather than turn the device off.

Your first option involves:

  1. First, you should press the gear on the notification.
  2. After that, you should click on the “Show remote control notifications off” option.

You can also:

  1. First, click the gear icon on your phone.
  2. Hit “Google,” then “Device connections” then “Cast media options” and then disable “Media controls for cast devices

Regardless of which option you choose, you can re-enable notifications at any time.



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