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As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

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How to pay cash in Uber – here’s what you should know

Uber has become one of the most popular mobile apps for finding, calling, and paying for cabs or private drivers and food delivery. It is a very convenient way to pay, quick selection of the right car and generally a good service for such purposes. Many who use it mostly use a credit card to pay. But there are cases when you only have cash on hand and need to get home somehow. Uber allows its customers to do this.

How to pay with cash for Uber rides

Initially, it was impossible to pay in cash, but such changes began little by little and in one particular place. The option to pay with cash for Uber originated in Hyderabad, India in 2015. It was an experiment that went successful. Then Uber added four more cities to the list of cash-available locations.

After one year, Uber expanded the number of locations you can pay with cash. It reached 150 cities in 2016. In two years, the number grew to more than 400 cities.

At the right time, there are 51 countries where you can pay for your Uber rides in cash. A lot of customers enjoy paying with cash compared to using credit cards.

If you are or live in the list of these 51 countries, and it is more convenient for you to pay in cash, then you are in luck. All you need to do is set up this feature in the app itself, and be sure to do it before your ride.

So to start changes follow these steps:

  • Launch the Uber app
  • Select Wallet
  • Scroll down and select Ride Profiles
  • Select Payment Method
  • There will be a Cash option that you can select
  • If you prefer, you can set it as your default method

Note: for such an option you don’t have to pay additional fees or charges. However, Uber recommends users who use cash carry enough on hand as there may be extra unforeseen costs that pop up.

Sometimes the drivers themselves may not have the cash to pay you enough exact change, so you must be prepared for this eventuality. For such scenarios, the app will add some credit to the account.

When you have done all of the above steps and ordered a car, just wait until you arrive at your destination and pay in cash. If a dispute arises in the process, whether it is a question of money or something that you did not like – you can contact support and they will help you.
Remember that you must specify your method of payment before you go, otherwise, it will not be possible to pay in cash when you have a card payment method at the time of ordering the car.

How to pay with Uber Cash

There is also a way to pay via Uber Cash. This is actually payment through virtual money, which you buy in advance. In order to use this method you need:

  • Launch the Uber app
  • Select Payment
  • Then click on Add Funds and add the amount you want to the Uber Cash balance
  • Choose the payment method you prefer
  • Select Purchase

Now you should be able to pay via Uber Cash for your rides and even food delivery service.



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