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GuidesHow to make a queue on YouTube

How to make a queue on YouTube

Today, YouTube is the most popular platform on the Internet for watching various video content. Even despite the surge in popularity of TikTok, YouTube remains at the top of the list in terms of traffic and importance to users. YouTube is truly a unique platform of its kind. There’s content available for both kids and adults. Anyone can find a video to their liking. And every year YouTube adds more and more useful and interesting features. Often these features make it easier and better to use the website or app.

However, unlike many streaming services, YouTube was never designed to watch videos nonstop. There are some extensions you can install on your browser, but they never worked well. Now you can officially queue videos from any page and just watch without leaving the player. This feature was added relatively recently.

So, if you want to make a queue on YouTube, here’s how you can do this.

How to add a video to queue on YouTube

The Video Queue feature is available on the YouTube website. If you see large thumbnails of videos on the home page and the new “Add to Queue” button when you hover over the thumbnail, you have access to this feature. It’s not known if YouTube plans to add a queue feature to its mobile apps on iPhone, iPad, or Android. For now, it’s only for those who watch on their computers using a Web browser.

The “Add to Queue” button is available on the Home page, the Search page, and the Recommendations menu. So no matter where you’re, you can start creating a queue. You can do this while watching a video or before you start it. So, if you want to add a video to queue on YouTube, you have to follow these steps:

  • Open the YouTube website on your computer.
  • Then, hover over the video thumbnail and click on the “Add to Queue” button.

Immediately after you click on this line, a mini player appears in the lower right corner of the screen. This begins to form your queue. You can click the “Play” button to start playing the video. But the queue with only one video isn’t a very big queue.

How to add many video to queue on YouTube

If you want to add many videos to queue on YouTube, you have to follow these steps:

  • First of all, hover your mouse over another video thumbnail.
  • Then, click on the “Add to Queue” button again to add it under the previous video.
  • Finally, do this for all the videos you want to watch in this session.

You have to be aware that you can go to another YouTube page, but the mini player with videos added to the queue will remain in place. The queue will fill up, refresh. Click on the bottom toolbar in the mini player to see anything you’re ready to watch on YouTube nonstop. Here are all the videos listed. If you want to move the video up, hold down the left-hand “Processing” icon and drag it up or down. If you want to remove a video from the queue, just click the “Delete” button.

When you click “Play” on a video from the mini player, it starts playing the video in the mini player itself.



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