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GuidesHow to log out of Hulu on Roku

How to log out of Hulu on Roku

You probably have several accounts on Hulu and plan to change them, or maybe you have other reasons. However, you should give credit to Hulu – this service is ideal for those who like to watch TV series or programs in good resolution. Anyway, what to do if you have just recently purchased the new Roku device, or if you are a guest and are using someone else’s device, and you plan to change your Hulu account?

In general, there are three options for logging out of a Hulu account on the Roku device. They are simple enough, and you do not have to waste a lot of time changing your account or just leaving the old one. And about them, we will tell you a little further.

What is Hulu and is it worth your attention

Since many people like to pass the time in the evening or spend it with maximum comfort, it is not surprising that people choose the most popular streaming platforms like Hulu. This application can be installed on various streaming devices and gaming consoles

This subscription-based service was launched in 2007 in the United States, and by April 2021 the number of viewers reached 41.2 million. This platform has a huge library of various movies, shows, sports, anime, music videos, etc.

Unfortunately, this application is only available for those who live or are located in the United States. This is a big disadvantage of this service, although many people use VPN if, for example, they need to go on a business trip or travel outside the U.S. for a while.

It should also be mentioned that a basic subscription to Hulu ($6.99 per month) is ad-supported, so if you want to watch Hulu without ads, you have to pay a little more – $12.99-per-month. Hulu also offers Disney+, and ESPN+ bundles for $13.99 per month, or get the ad-free version of Hulu in that same bundle for $19.99 per month. By the way, college students can get the ad-free version of Hulu for $1.99 per month.

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What can be the reasons for you to leave your Hulu account

So, you are going to log out from your own or someone else’s Hulu account, and there may be several reasons for that – at least you did not like the Hulu service. This happens, and it is normal – look for something you like the most, and now there are many other similar services.

Another reason could be that you were asked to log in from your Hulu account by people who want to watch movies from their accounts on the same TV. This is not always convenient, so it is enough to change accounts instead of logging in from one account each time.

It can also be the case when you have purchased a new Roku device or a different streaming device, so you need to leave your Hulu account on the old device. Now let’s look at the easiest ways to leave your Hulu account on the PC.

Is there an option to sign out of Hulu on Roku device

In fact, the easiest way to leave your account on the Hulu app through the Roku device is to use the Hulu app itself and its interface. It is more than enough to simply follow these instructions:

  • Primitively, you should join up your Roku streaming device with your TV and connect them both with internet sources.
  • Head over to the pre-installed channel section of Roku from its Home Dashboard.
  • After that, pick out the Hulu channel on the Roku channel store and unfold it by using the remote.
  • In the same way, enter into the Dashboard of the Hulu channel to pop on the profile icon field on that page.
  • Moreover, you should scroll through that screen to reach the log out tab on it.
  • Next, tap on the log out tab to get done to log out of the process of Hulu on the Roku device.

Now you know how to log out from your Hulu account on the Roku device using the app itself.

Is there an option to leave Hulu account on Roku with the website

If you cannot access the Hulu app itself, or if it’s unavailable to you at a particular moment for some reason, you can try to do so through the Hulu website. Simply use these steps to leave your own or someone else’s Hulu account:

  • First, take your PC or laptop and link it up with a high-speed source of internet service.
  • The next step is to enter the Hulu on the search function on the browser of your PC or laptop.
  • After this, initiate to intrude to the official site of Hulu and do the login process with its details.
  • Likewise, you should click on the profile section and head to choose the watch Hulu tab.
  • Then lead into manage devices to manage your account on Hulu and tap on the account name.
  • Moreover, pick out the log out on all devices tile on that screen and confirm it.
  • Next, we’ve done the logout process of Hulu on Roku with the help of the website.

This way, you don’t have to log in to the Hulu app itself on your device to change your account or leave the old one.

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Is there an option to sign out of Hulu on Roku with mobile device

After all, we don’t always have access to a TV or laptop, but we almost always have a mobile device at hand. That’s what you can use if you urgently need to leave your Hulu account. When you log in with your mobile device, you will also be logged out on your Roku device.

  • Initially, it leads to fusing up your mobile phone with the speed supply of the Wi-Fi network.
  • Next, head over to the Hulu application to click upon the account tab on the Home.
  • After this, move forward to the Account page and head to settings to choose the privacy and settings.
  • Plus, you’ve to click on Protect your account and press the log-out tab.
  • By this, you can now complete the logout process of Hulu on Roku with the help of a mobile app.

Now you know what methods you can use to sign in with a Hulu account on your Roku device and that there are several different ways to do it. In general, the process is uncomplicated, you can certainly also log back into the account (if you know the login password of course).

If you can not log in from a Hulu account even when using the above methods, it is likely something with Hulu servers – probably a temporary condition (you can check the server status via DownDetector), which will soon pass.



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