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GuidesHow to install apps on your LG Smart TV

How to install apps on your LG Smart TV

LG TV is familiar to many with its quality and good picture, this brand is one of the best-selling in the TVs market. LG’s smart TVs offer their viewers not only a high-quality technical side but also a successful interface, where users can easily find what they need. In addition, LG smart TVs have a huge range of different apps in the store, from streaming apps to educational apps. The convenient thing is that you can install them very quickly (if you have Internet, of course) and immediately use them.

Here will be mentioned different popular apps for LG smart TVs, how to install them and what they are needed.

How to add apps to an LG TV

In case you have decided to try a certain app for your LG Smart TV, it’s quite a relatively straightforward process. There are over 200 apps on the LG Content Store, all you need to know is how to access the app store. This is how it’s done:

  • Take your remote control and press the “Home” button on the left side of your directional pad
  • Press the “Right” arrow button until you reach the “LG Content Store” tab on the menu
  • Press the “OK” center button in the center of your direction pad
  • Use the “Up” arrow button to get to the “Featured” tab at the top of the screen
  • Proceed to the “Apps” tab using the “Right” arrow button
  • Press the “OK” center button again
  • Use the arrow buttons to get to the app you want to download and press the center button
  • Press the center button again to highlight the “Install” option

You need to know that it may take some time for the app to be installed on your LG TV. After it’s done downloading, you can launch it right away by pressing the center button to highlight the “Launch” option on the same screen

If you have lost or forgotten an app that you downloaded and installed recently, it is not a problem, because the app is most likely in the line among other apps and all you have to do is use the “Right” arrow button to select it, and just press the “OK” central button to open it.

In the store itself, there will be quite a lot of apps, you can get lost among them. Although, you can use a filter by genre, popularity, and novelty. It is also worth clarifying that some apps may not be available depending on where you live or are located.

How to install app on Netcast OS

The previous steps will not be suitable for those who have TVs on the Netcast OS. Here’s how to install the app if you have this operating system:

  • Press the “Home” button on the left side of your directional pad
  • Select the “Up” arrow button on your directional pad to go to the “More” box in the upper-left corner of your screen
  • Find the app that you want to install and press the “OK” center button
  • Sign into your LG TV account
  • Proceed to download the app on your LG TV

The most downloaded LG TV apps

There are over 200 apps on the LG Content Store. The most downloaded LG TV apps overall include Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, YouTube, Netflix, Apple TV, Hulu, Disney Plus, and more. Some other apps that are also extremely popular are Spotify, Movies Anywhere, Twitch, Funimation, BritBox, LG Channels, Crackle, Vudu, Pandora, and many more.

It happens that after some time there is not enough memory on the TV to hold so many different apps. In this case, you can use an external memory device that then connects to your LG TV.



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