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GuidesHow to get IMEI number on iPhone if locked

How to get IMEI number on iPhone if locked

We have already written an article about how you can find out IMEI number for iPhone.

However, sometimes people have one problem. Their iPhone is locked and people cannot find out their IMEI number.

In a typical situation, 90% of people use a way with settings to find out their IMEI number. But when your iPhone is locked, you can’t use this best way to find out the IMEI number. That’s why you need to use another way.

What is the IMEI number?

IMEI is the International Mobile Equipment Identifier. It is a unique 15-digit number that every phone from every manufacturer has, including iPhone. This number is used to identify the phone, activate it with cellular carriers, track it, and so on.

People sometimes mix up the IMEI number with the serial number of the iPhone, but you must understand that they are different numbers.

How to understand IMEI?

I will tell you briefly, so as not to confuse you. There are two kinds of IMEI: clean and bad. Clean IMEI means that the phone is ok and can be used without any limitations. This means that the iPhone has not been reported as lost or stolen and has no debts to the carrier. Bad IMEI means that you won’t be able to activate the phone with your carrier.

What is locked iPhone?

There are two things that we mean when we say that an iPhone is locked.

Firstly, locked phones are all phones that are “locked” to a particular carrier, meaning you can only use them with one carrier’s SIM card.

Unlocked phones are those that can be used with any carrier, without any restrictions.

Secondly, a locked iPhone is a phone with a locked screen that has been disabled through Apple ID. In this case, you cannot access the phone’s functions.

Thirdly, you may have forgotten the screen password from your iPhone. As a result, you also cannot unlock it to access the internal functions.

How to find iPhone IMEI if it’s locked?

Now, let’s take a look on 2 different situations.

The first one is when your iPhone is locked for a particular carrier. In this case, you can try this ways:

  • Call * # 06 # to get IMEI number via push notifications.
  • Find IMEI number in phone Settings.

But what to do if your iPhone is screen locked or locked via iCloud? In this case you can use other solutions:

  • Use iTunes or to find IMEI number. Connect your iPhone to your PC, open iTunes, choose your iPhone and click on SUMMARY. Here you would find IMEI for your iPhone.
  • Log in your Apple account with your Apple ID. Go to DEVICES and select your iPhone.
  • Find iPhone original box. There’s IMEI number on the back of iPhone’s original box.
  • Check iPhone SIM Card tray. All modern iPhones have their IMEI number engraved there.
  • If your iPhone is iCloud locked, you can tap on ‘i’ and your iPhone would show IMEI number.



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