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GamingHow to get a refund on Steam in a few steps

How to get a refund on Steam in a few steps

Steam is the largest online game store. The range of games on this platform is so wide that hardly anyone can’t find a game he likes.

However, despite the large-scale advertising campaigns that are sponsored these days by game publishers, not always what you get when you buy it corresponds to your expectations. Quite often when we buy a game, especially a non-Triple-A project, we’re playing roulette.

It happens that the gameplay of the purchased game is so not to the liking of the players. Sometimes after an hour of gameplay, they begin to regret the money they spent. In this case, Steam offers a refund for purchases that you’re not satisfied with.

How long you can keep the game before returning it

If to describe the whole process in brief, in case if the game doesn’t meet the expectations, or is unfinished and has a lot of bugs, you need to submit a request for a refund. Steam will painlessly refund your money.

However, it’s better not to delay with the return of the game you don’t like. The thing is that there are definite restrictions on how long you can stay in the game before returning to it.

To return the game, you need to decide whether you want to return it or not, have spent no more than two hours playing it. Also, if a game remains in your library for more than two weeks, you won’t be able to return it.

If you return the game outside these restrictions, prepare for the fact that Steam’s administration will likely reject your application.

Note that Steam counts every second that the game app is open as game time. Regardless of whether you’re playing or in the main menu, the game is minimized or paused, the timer always runs and protects every second while the game is running.

You should also understand that the limit of two hours doesn’t mean one session, but the total time spent in the game. Keep this in mind if you’re considering giving the game a chance or a refund early on.

How to return game and get compensation if it disappointed you

Applying for a refund is very simple. If you respected all the time limits and filed your request as listed below, Steam will refund your funds in the shortest time possible. In order to apply to Steam with a refund request, you’ll need:

  1. First, make sure you have less than 2 hours in your game, and you haven’t owned the game for more than 14 days or 2 weeks. To check how much time you’ve played the game, select it in your library and Steam will show you the exact number. This value is located near the start button of the game.
  2. After checking if you haven’t exceeded the time limit for using the game, find the “Help” option at the top of the Steam application. Click on it.
  3. Then select “Steam Support” from the available options that appear.
  4. Under “Steam Support” you’ll find a list of your latest purchased games. While there, scroll down to the “Purchases” section and click on it.
  5. Next, select the product you want to return on the page that opens.
  6. Click on the “I would like a refund” button.
  7. After you click on the above option, Steam will offer either to add the cost of the game to your Steam wallet, or to return the money for the transaction from the payment method you used. Choose the one you like best.
  8. As with most refunds, Steam will ask you for a reason why you’re requesting a refund. Select the reason from the drop-down list.
  9. After selecting the reason, Steam will give you a reference code and email you the results of your refund request. On average, the time between Steam receiving your request and issuing your refund is about an hour.

Of course, even if you don’t meet the deadline for a refund, you can still send a refund request. The Steam support staff will review it, but it’s unlikely that you’ll receive a refund. That’s why it’s always better to send a refund request right away if you’re in doubt about your purchase.

If the game developers later will fix the bugs that made you return it, you can always buy it again. If you don’t return the game, and it’ll remain unplayable, there’s nothing you’ll be capable to do except sell your account to another user to at least compensate for your financial loss.



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