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How to fix when you can’t create a poll on Facebook

Facebook polls are a great way to get your audience excited about your page or your business page. With the help of surveys, you can not only find out useful information about any issue but also increase the activity of your page or event.

This is exactly the option that has been available for some time in all of the almost categories of Facebook pages. But recently users have been noticing that the option is gone and people are confused because how can you conduct a survey without a certain option?

There is actually a way out of this situation. Yes, you have to use unconventional methods, but they are quite simple. This is where you will learn how to do it.

What is Facebook Poll and how to create it

A poll is one of the easiest and fastest ways to find out exactly what your friends think about a particular event. For example, what movie to watch tonight, where to go on vacation, and the like. There are many options, so the discussion should be able to create.

Surveys are great for increasing activity and engagement on your page, as people always like to leave their opinions and hear what others think. It’s not uncommon for questions to generate discussion, which also increases engagement.

However, we have to be honest with our readers, so the answer to the question of how to create a poll on Facebook is very simple: you can’t.

Yes, you read that correctly, there is currently no such feature on the social network. You used to be able to create polls in Newsfeed and business pages, but now that button has been removed, probably to refine it.

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Is there any option to create Facebook Poll

So, you’re going to poll your friends about something you have doubts about, or you’re running a business page where it’s important to interact with your audience and collect general opinions about products or services. You have accessed your Facebook page via PC or laptop, but you have found that the interface does not offer such an option.

In general, as we have already said, there is an option to create a survey on Facebook for your business page or to survey your friends and family on your profile page in Timeline. For now, you can only do this with third-party apps or websites.

Or you can get creative and make an impromptu survey in your Facebook post using the comment section or media files. However, this method has its disadvantages – you will have to sum up the results manually. This method is only suitable if you have a small audience.

What about other methods on how to create a poll on Facebook

At the time of writing, Facebook does not have a “Create Poll” button in the newsfeed or business page toolkit (Facebook groups and Facebook events have surveys, but they do not appear after reposting). And this was one of the excellent ways to promote a site on social networks. Because of this, admins’ pages and users resort to different ways to overcome such a difficulty.

Now the survey can be done in almost any variation: within the social network, outside of its borders, or using third-party sites and programs. About the most important ways, we will tell in more detail.

A poll with an answer in the comments

The easiest and fastest way to make a poll is to create one on your Timeline or on the Timeline of group page is to ask a question, specify the answer choices, and users will answer in the comments. This way the results are counted manually.

You can also add a picture poll here. Create a collage with two choices and ask users to indicate their favorite in the comments.

The Google App – Google Forms

Creating a survey in Google Forms is easy. So, what you need to do:

  • Go to the Google Forms website.
  • Choose “Open …
  • Click on the “+” sign and create a new form
  • In the new window, create a survey: enter its name, type in questions, answer choices, etc.
  • The options for creating responses are as follows:
  • Once the survey is created, click the “Submit” button
  • This is where you choose how you want to send your survey: via mail, link, or HTML. You can send it directly to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Share the survey on your Facebook feed and you’re done

This method of creating a survey is very easy and simple to use. It’s almost the same as creating it directly in your feed, only it counts the answer choices and sample itself. That is, it’s even nicer in terms of functionality.

Is it possible to create a traditional poll on Facebook at all

The only way you can create a survey on Facebook the classic way is to take a survey via Groups. Or via Facebook Stories. The latter refers to when you want to post a survey just on your page or on behalf of a business page.

In order to create a poll on your own behalf, simply launch Facebook and you’ll be greeted immediately with the Create Story option. Click on the icon and select a photo on the topic or any neutral photo – and then on the top right select Stickers, where you’ll see the Poll option.

To create a story with a poll on behalf of the business page, you just need to go to this page (if you are an Admin) and click Create Story under Create Post. Then the algorithm is the same.

If you have a Group or if you are a member of one of the active Groups and want to survey participants, just follow the instructions:

  • Go to any Facebook Group you’re interested in
  • Click Poll

And you’ll get the option to create a standard poll on Facebook.

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How to improve your Facebook business page

Maintaining a public page is the most effective way to promote your business on Facebook. Personal profiles are not suitable for business purposes, and thematic groups can serve as an auxiliary platform for communication with subscribers. 

Before you promote, pay proper attention to page design: 

  • create a URL
  • collect key phrases
  • add a cover and logo
  • Provide contacts and working hours
  • Add a description of your company
  • Add a CTA button to the page. Users will be able to order, book, and call directly from the social network
  • Make a content plan that will be 80% useful and entertaining, and only 20% will contain direct advertising of your product. Facebook Business Suite’s free post scheduler will help you set up automatic posting
  • Thank followers for their feedback and respond to all messages. Don’t rely solely on organic user growth. Promote your publications or page as a whole

Now you know more about how to create Facebook polls and what alternatives there are for creating a Timeline poll.



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