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As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

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How to fix WhatsApp says connecting

In today’s world, people are increasingly giving preference to messengers. It’s more convenient and faster than regular phone calls, and it’s also free because all you need is an Internet connection, and then you can send free messages or make free calls. One of the most popular messengers in the world is WhatsApp. It is known for its fast performance, many useful features, and the fact that it has vast user base. This means that most of the people you communicate with most likely have a WhatsApp account. However, from time to time, some users complain about a standard error with WhatsApp.

WhatsApp says it’s connecting, and it goes on indefinitely. Very often, this occurs during voice or video calls. However, some users also report that endless connections can occur because the app tries to update messages and see if there are unread messages. Let’s take a quick look at what causes this error, and then I’ll tell you how you can fix it.

Why WhatsApp may be stuck at connecting

Let’s start by looking at what causes an error when you connect to WhatsApp. This will help you better understand the cause and find a fix that will help you in your specific situation. I usually divide these errors into two main categories: the first is related to the operation of the application itself, and the second is related to problems with your device.

If the problem is with an app, the other apps will work as usual, and you won’t notice any other problems with your smartphone or tablet. Usually, such problems are caused by conflicts between different services or applications or an outdated version of WhatsApp that does not work correctly with the firmware of your device. Fixing this problem should be pretty straightforward.

The second type of problem is caused by your device, whether a smartphone or a tablet, experiencing network connectivity issues or problems with internal services that prevent WhatsApp from downloading internal data. Usually, it can be a little more difficult to fix this problem, but you can still use many universal fixes when you have problems with different applications on your device. In this case, you should try to go through all the fixes one by one and find the right one, so you can understand what is wrong with your device or application.

How you can fix WhatsApp says connecting

Below I will list some simple and universal fixes that you can use to fix problems with WhatsApp on your device. Please note that some of the methods will only work on certain systems. To fix an infinite WhatsApp connection, you need to:

Check the operation of the WhatsApp servers

The first thing you must do is to make sure that you are the one with the problem. OA failure can often happen on large companies’ servers, and many users cannot use their services for some time. Usually, you should google something like “WhatsApp connection problems” and see the latest results.

You can also visit the Downdetector website, where you will find information about WhatsApp and many other services. This website will show you which servers are up and down in real-time.

Check the connection of your device to the internet

You probably already checked that at the time of the first tip, but you should ensure a good internet connection. Try loading any page or logging into another application that requires an internet connection. If it takes too long to load a website or application, you should contact your Internet Service Provider to find out why you are having problems.

Restart your device

This fix will fix most software issues you may encounter. When you restart your device, all apps and services will stop and restart. This means that you get rid of system conflicts. If that was why WhatsApp wasn’t getting data, this is how you fix the problem.

Check for updates on WhatsApp

You should also check immediately if you have the latest version of WhatsApp installed. Sometimes, an unforeseen bug in an outdated version may happen that prevents it from downloading new data. Usually, the developers fix this quickly and release an update. So make sure you always have the latest version installed.

Clear WhatsApp cache

This method applies to Android devices. In that case, you can manually clear the temporary data that WhatsApp stores. To do this, you need to:

  • In Settings, go to the Apps tab.
  • Here, find WhatsApp in the list.
  • Click the Clear Cache button.

After that, you’ll need to wait a few minutes and open the app. When you clear the caches, you may lose some data, such as previews of some messages and pre-loaded media files.

Reinstall the app

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you need to uninstall the app and install it again to reset it to factory settings. Delete it from the home page and then reinstall it from AppStore.



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