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As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

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How to fix Netflix error code ‘NW-2-5’

Some users often find themselves in a situation where instead of watching a movie or TV series on Netflix they see Netflix error code NW 2-5. This error must be annoying for some people, and you’ll want to know how to fix it as soon as possible. However, in order to do this, first, you need to understand the causes of this error, and about this, we will talk further.

The Netflix NW 2-5 error often occurs accidentally and it’s difficult to immediately determine what is causing the error. However, most of the time this error is caused by problems with the connection between the device and the Internet, which causes a conflict with Netflix services.

As we said before the error code is related to connectivity problems, the next steps will be related to the settings of the network or your router. Also, there’s no one hundred percent sure way to solve this problem, but we will provide some ways that can help you solve the problem.

Restart the device or your Internet connection

The easiest solution to this problem is to reboot your device where the error occurred or to reboot the network. you will need to turn the devices off completely, unplug them, then plug them back in and turn them back on.

Most devices on which an error can occur when shutting down normally via the OSD or power button will go into low power mode or hibernate mode instead of shutting down completely. It’s necessary to turn off the device completely rather than put it in sleep mode.

Do the same with your network. Unplug your router for about 30 seconds and plug it back in, you can also try rebooting your router. After doing this, you need to reconnect your device to the correct network and try to log into the service again.

How to reconfigure your DNS address on different devices

Very often this error is due to incorrect settings. Some devices allow you to check your DNS settings, which can be helpful when fixing a Netflix NW 2-5 code. Different devices have different DNS address settings, so below you can see the settings for the latest versions of PlayStation and Xbox devices.

Configuration of the DNS on PlayStation 5

To properly configure the DNS on your PS 5 you need to:

  1. Open the PS5 home screen.
  2. Find ‘Settings’ in the upper right corner
  3. Go to ‘Network’, then to ‘Settings’, and click on ‘Set up an Internet connection’.
  4. You will see instructions that will depend on the type of network connection you have.

If you have a wireless connection, select your Wi-Fi network name and go to Advanced Settings. If you have a wired connection, select Use LAN cable and click on Advanced Settings.

To avoid the Netflix NW 2-5 error on the PS5 you must set the following DNS settings:

  • IP address settings: automatic
  • DHCP host: do not specify
  • DNS settings: automatic
  • Proxy server: do not use
  • MTU settings: automatic

Select OK to check your Internet connection, then reconnect your device and try opening Netflix.

Configuration of the DNS on Xbox Series X/S

To get rid of the Netflix NW 2-5 error on your Xbox Series X/S you should reset the default DNS settings and to do this you need to:

  1. Open the manual by pressing the Xbox button on the controller.
  2. In the ‘Profile and System’ menu, find and select ‘Settings’.
  3. Select ‘General’ and go to ‘Network Settings’.
  4. Click ‘Advanced’ and then select ‘DNS Preferences’.
  5. Select ‘Automatic’.

After that, restart your Xbox Series X/S and reconnect it to your home network.

Improve the quality of your Internet or your Wi-Fi signal

Perhaps the problem that caused this error was a bad wi-fi connection or slow Internet speed. The following tips can help you fix this:

  • Place your router in a more open place. For example, if it’s in a closet or nightstand, take it out and place it in a higher place.
  • Put your router in the middle of the room or as close as possible to the device with the Netflix.
  • Move wireless devices away from your router. Devices such as microwave ovens, cordless phones, and other similar devices can interfere with your Wi-Fi signal.

These little tips can positively affect the strength of your Wi-Fi signal and save you from an annoying error.



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