How to find saved passwords on Mac explained

Security is the top priority when using a Mac or any other computer. Following the security guidelines exactly means using a different password for each account. Your Mac even offers you passwords, but you can’t always remember them all.

How to save and see passwords on Mac using Keychain Access

The Keychain Access app stores all your passwords on your Mac. It stores app passwords, passwords you use for Wi-Fi networks. You can also find Safari passwords there. You can also find various digital keys and certificates that macOS uses for encryption and verification here.

If you want to open Keychain, you have to follow these steps:

  • First of all, press Space + Command to open Spotlight;
  • Then, enter “Keychain” and select “Keychain Access”;
  • Click “Login” or “iCloud” on the left side, then choose the account you want to check;
  • Click the “Show Password” box in the lower left corner of the window that pops up. Then enter your Mac password.

How to see passwords on Mac in Safari

If you want to see passwords on Mac in Safari, you have to follow these steps:

  • First of all, open Safari and select Preferences;
  • Then, choose the Passwords tab;
  • Click the “Show passwords for selected websites” checkbox. A window appears asking you to provide your Mac password for administrative privileges.

After entering it, you can see all the accounts and saved passwords. However, the exact combination of characters is hidden behind dots. Click on these dots to find out the combination.


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