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How to download Disney Plus on Hisense Smart TV and watch Disney content online

Disney Plus has proven over a fairly short period of time to be a great streaming service with a lot of really interesting content. For that reason, a Disney Plus subscription is definitely worth a try. But is it possible to install and use this service on Hisense Smart TV Disney content online? It actually depends on the model of your TV.

Nowadays, Hisense has achieved the largest market share increase for LCD TVs in the north and has revised its OS variants to meet the current requests of consumers. The result was an upgrade to Roku OS and Android TV OS variants.

Previously, Hisense offered its unique VIDAA OS on the A60 series but switched to modern, highly sought-after operating systems. VIDAA did not offer the Disney Plus app. However, you can still install the Disney Plus app on older models. This article reviews both ways to install Disney Plus on old and new Hisense TVs.

How to install Disney Plus on Hisense Android TV OS model

Hisense Android TV offers you to download and use the Disney Plus app. Here’s how to install it, just follow these steps:

  • Select and open “Apps” on the left menu;
  • Choose “Get more apps” at the top;
  • Find “Disney Plus” and click “OK” on the remote. You can also use the “Search” option in the top-right section;
  • Click the “Download” button;
  • After that, click “Open” to launch the Disney Plus app. You can also launch it from the “Home” screen.

How to install Disney Plus on Hisense Roku OS model

If you want to install the Disney Plus app on the Hisense Roku OS model, you have to follow these steps:

  • Press the “Home” button on your Hisense remote;
  • Press the right navigation button on the remote control to view installed apps, inputs, and more;
  • Scroll down and click “Add Channel”;
  • Find “Disney”, select it and click “Install”.

How to install Disney Plus on Hisense VIDAA OS model

Older Hisense TVs (2019 and earlier) use the VIDAA OS, which doesn’t work directly with Disney Plus. You have two ways to use Disney Plus on Hisense TVs with the VIDAA OS.

The first way is to use third-party streaming devices like Roku, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, Chromecast, etc. Anyway, you have to be subscribed to Disney Plus. So, how to use it:

  • Plug in your third-party streaming device to an HDMI port on your Hisense TV;
  • Turn on the TV and set the appropriate input for the streaming device;
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installing the streaming device;
  • Go to the apps section and install Disney Plus.

The second option is to use your PC, smartphone, or tablet as a mirror to Hisense VIDAA. Hisense VIDAA OS includes a mirroring app known as Screen Mirror. Since the Google Play Store also has this app, it makes sense that they both work together to mirror your phone or tablet on your Hisense VIDAA OS TV. Simply install the app on both devices and you can start mirroring Disney Plus on your Hisense TV.

There is some difficulty to mirror the screen from an iOS device. To do this, you’ll need an HDMI-to-Lightning cable adapter. Connect your iPad or iPhone to the adapter and plug it all into the TV with a standard HDMI cable. Then select the appropriate input source on your TV, and you’re done. From there, launch Disney Plus and mirror it on the TV.

You can also watch Disney Plus from your gaming consoles like Xbox or PlayStation 4 or 5. Just download the Disney Plus app on your console, sign in and be ready to enjoy the Disney content.



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