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GuidesHow to delete Uber Eats account

How to delete Uber Eats account

Uber is one of the most popular cab services, which focuses not only on the transportation of passengers but also offers delivery services. This service is called Uber Eats and it’s a great offer if you often order takeaways.

But if you suddenly decide that cooking on your own is easier and simpler for you, or if you find an alternative to Uber Eats, you will certainly wonder how to delete your Uber Eats account and all of your data from it.

Then you have found the right place. Here you will find step-by-step instructions on how to delete your Uber Eats account, what happens if you delete it, and more information on the subject.

What to expect when you delete your Uber Eats account

When you confirm the deletion of your Uber Eats account, it’s immediately deleted and you simply go to the Uber homepage or are simply taken to the login page. In fact, you lose your account and your progress. But don’t worry, if you want to come back, Uber gives you a chance to do so within 30 days.

However, you should understand one more thing. Even if you delete your account permanently and don’t use the service after 30 days, the company will retain some unspecified information on your account usage.

Note: Deleting your Uber account won’t remove records of your Uber trips or Uber Eats deliveries from Uber’s servers. All because Uber workers need this information for statistics and to show the progress of their work.

Is it possible to contact Uber Eats

A service like Uber is always helping its customers and there are four ways to reach them. Here’re a few options you can use:

  • Uber Eats app: This application helps you to track how and where your order is located, as well as to get support on specific order deliveries. In this app, you can leave comments on how your order was fulfilled and even leave a complaint
  • Uber Support on Twitter: The official Uber Support Twitter account is one of the fastest ways to get a response. Simply @ mention the account in a tweet or send them a DM
  • Uber Eats customer care phone number: You can also always use the classic method – call the hotline ((800) 253-6882). But remember that these lines are often busy and you will have to wait for some time until it’s your turn. It’s easier to get in touch via Twitter or the Uber app.
  • Uber Eats email support: You can email Uber Eats via eats@uber.com but it also can take to two-three days to get a response

How to delete Uber Eats account

The Uber app is handy in every way, you can’t argue with that, but what’s flawed is that you can’t manage your account, or rather delete it through the app itself. To delete an Uber Eats account, you’ll need to use the Uber Eats website via an internet web browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox.

  • Open your preferred web browser on your computer, smartphone, or tablet and go to the official Uber Eats website
  • Select Sign In
  • Enter the email address or mobile number associated with your Uber Eats account and select Next
  • Type your password and select Next again
  • If you have 2FA enabled on your account, you will be sent a four digit code to your mobile phone via a text message within a minute or so. After you receive this code, type it into the field on the website and click Verify. Now you have to be able to log into your Uber Eats account on the website
  • Select your account name in the top-right corner
  • Select Help
  • Click on the Account and Payment Options tab
  • Select Delete my Uber Eats account
  • AThen you will see a new browser tab and you’ll be required to enter your password again. Type it into the field and select Next
  • You will be shown all of your connected Uber services that are linked to your account. Once you’re ready, click Continue
  • You can even specify a reason for your account deletion
  • Select Delete account to confirm
  • A small confirmation message will appear on screen to let you know that your request has been processed

How to recover your Uber account once you’ve deleted it

Since Uber gives you the opportunity to restore your account within one month (exactly 30 days), if you suddenly change your mind and want to go back, all you have to do is log in to your profile through the standard username-password method. But if those 30 days have already passed, then unfortunately you will not be able to return all of your data from there and progress (purchases, trips, etc.)

How to remove your Uber account without deleting Uber Eats account

First, you need to understand that the Uber Eats account and the Uber account are interconnected. It’s essentially one and the same account. Therefore, if you delete Uber Eats, then you’re also deleting your Uber account. There is only one way out of this situation: just create two different accounts in advance.



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