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GuidesHow to delete one photo from multiple photos on Instagram

How to delete one photo from multiple photos on Instagram

Accidentally posted the unnecessary photo in Instagram Carousel and do not know how to delete the photo without affecting the post? Here’s more on how to solve this problem.

Is it possible to remove single photo from Instagram Carousel

Everyone has probably already tried Instagram’s Carousel option. This is a post that contains not just one photo, but several. The limit is up to 10 photos. The only problem with this option is that all the photos have to be matched to the same format – 1:1. But believe me, it’s very convenient if you want to post a collection of photos from one evening, for example, without cluttering up your profile. It’s compact and convenient.

But not the format is a big disadvantage of this option. Often you can change your mind and want to delete a photo from Carousel. Except that it will not be possible to do this after you have published the post.

However, once you’re here, you will not leave without anything. There are ways to edit a post. A little more detail will be below.

How to save photos from Instagram

So, you’re thinking, why would I want to save a photo, when I need to delete the unnecessary photo! The thing is, as already mentioned, is that deleting a separate photo from Carousel is impossible. So far, Instagram hasn’t introduced such an opportunity, which is very strange. But nevertheless, you can delete and redo the post. Yes, it will take time. However, there’s not much of a choice right now.

It’s good if you have all the photos saved and you can just recreate the Carousel. But what if the photo is no longer on your device? How do you create a new post then? That’s right, you first need to save the photo from Instagram.

And there are two methods. The first is through a screenshot, and the second is through the Chrome browser and its View page source.

Screenshot method

The quality of the photo may be slightly worse with this method, but that’s only if you look closely. In principle, Instagram automatically compresses photos when they’re published, so there won’t be much difference. The method is simple, just take screenshots of your photos and crop them for the second publication.

The only thing is not to capture the numbers in the upper right corner of the photo when you make screenshots.

Wait for about 5 seconds for the photo number icon to fade out so you can take a screenshot without it.

Inspect tool

The method will work with Chrome browser, there is no guarantee about other browsers. Plus, it can only be done through a PC or laptop.

  • Open the Instagram post from which you want to download the photo. Right-click on the photo and select Inspect from the pop-up menu
  • The developer panel opens on the right, with the source code block highlighted in blue. Go to the item above and expand it. Inside it is the link to the desired photo. Open the link in a new tab and save it

And you’re done!

Now you have a couple of ways to save your photos if you lost them or deleted them a long time ago. If you have them with you, you can create a new post, i.e. a duplicate of the old one, but without the unwanted photo.



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