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How to change the wake word for Google Home

Technically, you cannot change the Google Home wake-up word. At the moment, this feature isn’t available in this program. However, even if you can’t customize the wake-up word, you have the option to set up custom responses for Google Assistant. The point is that even though it’s not a wake-up word when you activate it, the Google Home device can trigger custom routines. For example, you can use Google Assistant to turn on the lights, change the temperature of the air conditioner, and control other functions in the house. The number of such features available depends on how many smart devices you had installed in your home. You can also change the voice of Google Home if you want to do away with the standard voice.

How to change voice commands for Google Assistant

As with other Google apps, setting up the functionality of this app is simple and can be done by anyone. In order to configure the commands for Google Assistant you need:

  1. Regardless of which OS your smartphone runs on, Android or iOS, open the Google Home app on it and tap “Routines”.
  2. Once you get to the routines’ menu, find the “Add Routine” button. It looks like a multicolored plus sign and is located in the bottom right corner. Click on it.
  3. Next, select the “Add Starter” function. This will allow you to choose how you want to activate the routine. You can choose how to activate it: by voice command, at a certain time of day, or even by the time of sunset and sunrise.
  4. When you have selected the method of activation, select “Add Action”. This way, you can set different actions that you want Google to perform on command.

In case you’re wondering, unlike Google Home, you can change the wake-up word for Google Assistant. You can do this with third-party apps that users have created themselves for this purpose. Once again, note that this is only possible in relation to Google Assistant, not Google Home.

How Google explain why they don’t allow users to change wake-up word for Google Home

The explanation for why you can’t change the wake-up word sounds roughly like this: lack of wants. According to Google’s version, the feature won’t be added until there are enough users who need it. Although there is an assumption that most likely something so simple and demanded is not being added because the company wants to keep the branding that many are used to after the appearance of Google Assistant.

How many commands can you use to wake up Google Home

Fortunately, even though there is no function to change the wake-up command word, you have several options for Google Home wake-up. Although they’re not original, they’re still better than nothing, and more importantly, they’re easy to use. The wake-up commands include such phrases as “hey Google” and “Ok Google”. Another cool command is “hey, boo-boo-boo”. Users didn’t learn about it right away, but it ended up being the most fun part of using Google Home.


  1. I’m dumping Google home for Alexa. I’m tired of it waking every time I say something with three syllables. I waited a few years for this to change and it hasn’t. It’s a good system but it’s aggravating now and every time it wakes incorrectly, I want to smash the unit against the wall. Hard headed corporate branding bullshit.


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