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GuidesHow to change background color in Instagram story

How to change background color in Instagram story

Don’t know where to find the option to create a solid color background for Stories? On Instagram, it’s quite straightforward, and you’ll see it here.

Is there a method to change background color of Instagram story

Since social networks have become a way of self-expression and a kind of blog where you can share almost every second of your life, Instagram introduces more and more tools for such opportunities. Stories is one of those tools. You probably often come across short videos or photos that stick with a user for up to a day and tell them something about their life, just show some content, etc.

Have you decided to create your own Stories, and you’re confused by the wide range of tools in the Stories editor? That’s okay, this article will help you understand not only how to post content with a monochrome background behind, it but also how to import a picture to different stories at the same time.

Is it possible to change Instagram story’s background color

It should be understood that Instagram originally focused on photo content, and Stories as well is oriented on the fact that you will regularly post photos and videos, but rarely text posts on the plain background. However, the function of adding a simple background with different colors does exist, and it’s not hard to do:

  • Tap on your Instagram Stories icon to make a new one
  • Select Camera window
  • Choose the Aa button on the left-side menu
  • Then you’ll see a Color selector button. Click on it if you want to look for another color
  • There is also an option to even choose a GIF and add it as your background

And you’re done!

How to add a transparent overlay for text in Instagram stories

Well, if you need to make a teaser of your photo or just make the text the main focus of your Story, then adding a transparent background is a great feature. Plus, it’s easy to apply:

  • Take a photo using Instagram
  • Tap the pen tool then select the transparent pen tool from the top menu. It’s the third icon in a row
  • Choose a color for the overlay
  • Tap and fill the photo with a color to create the transparent layer. Try not to tap it twice on the same spot just to avoid complete coverage of photo with a selected color

How to use the Eraser tool with the overlay

Another way to make an announcement of your new post, or just to get creative with pictures, is to use the Eraser tool in Stories. It works on the same principle as the traditional Eraser, only you will erase the layer with your finger as if you were wiping steam off the glass. Here is a short guide:

  • Take a photo
  • Add a full-color fill or a transparent overlay to your photo, as explained in the previous two sections
  • Tap the eraser tool from the top menu, which is the fifth icon from the left
  • Tap and drag on the portion of the photo you’d like to stand out

Is it possible to use the same background image for several stories

And if you want to write a short essay in Stories on any topic, but you need to attach a corresponding picture to the background, here’s how to make the same background with a photo on several Stories in a row:

  • Create your Instagram Story using a background photo and adding text
  • Tap Save. It’s the second icon on the top menu. That will save the current look of your story to the camera roll
  • Add more text to the story
  • Save it again
  • Proceed with adding more content to your Story until it’s finished
  • Once your Stories are ready, post them in the order you’d like them to appear

And that is all on how to manage your Instagram Stories background and make it in a creative way.



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