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GuidesHow to cancel Spotify Premium subscription

How to cancel Spotify Premium subscription

It’s well known that Spotify is a Swedish music service available in nearly 120 countries. Plus, it has a range of more than 50 million songs and 4 billion playlists of tracks by international artists. You’re allowed to use services online, on desktops, mobile devices, game consoles, televisions, and stereos.

Spotify offers the legal ability to listen to tracks online from a huge music catalog, which includes many albums not available on other platforms. However, that’s not the only reason users love the service.

Although, the main advantage of Spotify – is the algorithm’s matching music, which is almost perfectly adjusted to the tastes of listeners. In case you turn on the “Non-Stop Music” feature in the settings, then at the end of the playlist will automatically play similar tracks. You can often find something new for you there.

What is cool, Spotify can be listened to for free. In spite of the fact, in this case, you have to put up with inconveniences:

  • Ad inserts appear periodically
  • On mobile, songs in playlists and albums play randomly (there is no such thing in desktop applications)
  • You can’t download music for offline listening
  • You cannot select the maximum quality (320 kbps)
  • You can’t skip more than six tracks per hour.

There are also a few options Spotify offers. For instance, there are Student accounts, Family accounts, and Spotify Duo (for two people at a discounted price). Each tier is competitively priced with others on the market, however, in case you need to save some money, it will be a good idea to cancel your subscription.

Is it possible to cancel your Spotify subscription

Before you can delete a Spotify subscription, you must understand from which service you first subscribed. If you signed up for Spotify through the main site using your PC, laptop, or mobile device, you can simply repeat the same thing and find the unsubscribe option. But if you did it through iTunes or Google Play subscription or another service, you should first find out which service you use to pay for your subscription.

So, if you subscribed directly through Spotify, here’s a guide on how to unsubscribe from Premium on Spotify’s main site:

  • Visit the Spotify website, login and then click the Account Management tab, it’s on the left-hand side
  • Next, click the Change Plan option at the bottom of the screen
  • Then, scroll down to the Free section and click Cancel Premium. Follow the preceding prompts to complete your cancellation
  • Now, you’ll be asked to confirm your cancellation, click Yes, Cancel
  • You’ll now go to a cancellation page that shows you the end date of your subscription as well as the option to provide feedback, populate the best answers and click Submit at the bottom

Well, if you made a Spotify plan through iTunes and used your Apple ID payment method, you’ll probably find this guide helpful:

  • On your iPhone open Settings and tap iTunes & App Store
  • Next, tap on your Apple ID at the top and then tap on View Apple ID in the pop-up window that appears
  • From here, tap on Subscriptions
  • Locate and tap on your Spotify Subscription which will be listed on the screen below
  • Then, tap Cancel Subscription. As stated above, you will still have access to the Premium service until the next billing date

Note: In case you subscribed directly through the service using another provider you will need to cancel the subscription using that outlet’s instructions.

Is there a chance to delete your Spotify account

If you have decided that Spotify isn’t the service for you at all, it’s realistic to just delete the account. However, remember that if you delete your account, you can no longer restore it. So before taking such a radical step, think carefully and keep a list of your favorite songs and podcasts so you don’t lose them.

Also, if you choose to reopen your account you will need to choose a different username according to Spotify. As the same username cannot be used more than once.

  • Visit the Spotify cancellation page and click on Account
  • Now, click I want to close my account
  • Click Contact to Close
  • Fill out the information form and click Start Chat
  • A Spotify representative will begin typing, explain that you’d like to close your account permanently. The representative will send you an email confirmation once done

And this is all on how to cancel a Spotify Premium subscription and save some money for another service or something else.



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