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GuidesHow to automatically skip intros on Netflix

How to automatically skip intros on Netflix

Watching your favorite show can sometimes make a whole day or night fly by, and that’s okay, especially when you have the rest of the day off. However, when you often watch episode after episode and have to manually skip the intro over and over again, it can be annoying and even irritating. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid this, and here you’ll find everything you need to improve the quality of your favorite shows or movies.

Thankfully, there are plenty of Google Chrome extensions that can take care of that “Skip intro” button for you. Below you will find all the currently available extensions for Google Chrome.

What is Auto Skip Intro extension and how to install it

Skip intro is an official Netflix feature that allows you to manually skip intro shows, but as you have already understood, frequent use can be annoying and it’s best to install a Google Chrome extension Auto Skip Intro that will simply run the function for you. You won’t have to do it manually anymore. All you have to do is head over to the Google Chrome Web Store and download it on your computer.

To do that, visit the “Auto Skip Intro” listing and click the blue “Add to Chrome” button. This function will work immediately after installation – you do not need to do anything else. However, if you already have a movie or series running, you need to update it to make the extension work.

Another interesting thing is that this extension allows you to automatically skip not only the intro but also past recaps of previous episodes that often play at the start of a new one.

The only thing you may not like is that it’s impossible to adjust this extension for different episodes. For example, if you’re watching the show for the first time and do not want to skip the intro and title sequences, you need to manually disable this extension before doing so. Or simply delete it.

What is Netflix Extended and how to install it

Exactly the same extension as the Auto Skip Intro mentioned above, but with a broader toolset. This extension gives you more control and allows you to customize your viewing experience.

Once you have installed it from the Chrome Web Store, Netflix Extended works automatically, skipping intros and recaps so you don’t have to manage it by yourself.

What’s more, it adds a green dot on your Netflix player in Chrome. Hover over it and click the tiny gear icon for more features and settings.

Also, to have more control, go to the “Assistant” tab where you can choose whether you want to skip previews and intros.

In the same section, you’ll find an option to censor items that can potentially spoil the show for you such as episode descriptions, thumbnails, and more. And a cherry on top is that from the “Video” tab, you can adjust the playback speed.

With extensions like these, you can automate the process of skipping the intro and minimize your efforts for this activity. Just a couple of minutes to install such an extension and your viewing experience will improve significantly.

However, if you’re looking for something that can improve the quality of video transmission, then the question is a little complicated. Unfortunately, no Netflix extensions can force better quality Netflix streams and bitrates. This used to be possible but Netflix has since blocked any attempts to do this, in an effort to force people to use their official apps. At least, when searching through the list of Netflix extensions be very careful of dodgy extensions, try to stick to popular and well-reviewed options. 



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