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GuidesHow to apply text formatting on Reddit post

How to apply text formatting on Reddit post

While using Reddit people try to format text in their posts in different ways to make it interesting to read.

Reddit is one of the biggest social platforms which has millions of engaged users, thousands of subreddits, and the most extensive discussion board online. Despite the fact that the service gives you an opportunity to use text in the posts, there are also a few features with which your posts and texts may be formatted.

So, surely, you can do this, to know the process, keep reading.

What are the options to format text on Reddit

Markdown is a markup language that helps you to format text on Reddit. It is the most popular one among all others. There is nothing complicated in the usage of this language and it is quite simple for new users.

But if you are using Reddit’s new interface on desktop, you don’t need to use Markdown. The service is provided with its own editor in this case. In case if your Reddit is still in the old version or you use it through the mobile phone, you will need Markdown.

Basic Formatting Options


With this option, you will be able to stress the parts of a text. You can use a single ‘*‘ to italicize a part of the text, two ‘**‘ to make the text bold, or three ‘***‘ to make the text both bold and italicized. There can even be added a line via the text. To do that, you should use two ‘~’ before and after the text like this (~~text~~).

Sections and Headers

Basically, the size of the fonts differs depending on the type of the browser. This feature is used to split the parts of a text post on Reddit. Usually, it is used in case the text is too extended. The biggest size it has is Header 1, and then Header 2 and Header 3.

In-Line Links and Automatic Links

In order to create a link in the text, you can surround it with brackets like this ‘[text]‘, and put the link right away in parentheses. “http” or “https” or similar link schemes should be incorporated in the link.

It is also possible to make Reddit create the links automatically. To do that, you should, enter ‘u/‘ then, you should type in the name of a Reddit user, and the user will be linked with that name on the text. In another way, you can enterr/‘ tracked by the name of a subreddit, and a link with the community will be assembled in the text.

Though these two methods are a bit sensitive, so make sure that you are typing the correct names and also in the lowercase.

Quotes and Code

To quote a text, you should enter a ‘>before the text. You should enter ‘>>‘ before the text in order to add nested quotes in the quote.

In order to return the text into a code instead of keep it as a quote, you should enter (`) on the front and end of the text.

Line Breaks and Lines

To create single line breaks you should put four spaces like this (    ).

If the double line breaks or the paragraph breaks consist of two spaces., you should click on the Enter key two times.

You should enter three asterisks ‘***‘ in order to get the line divider. A horizontal line will be created.

Advanced Formatting Options


You can create an unordered list. To do that, you should enter asterisks ‘*‘, plus signs ‘+‘, or minus signs ‘‘ before each item which is included in the list.

Then, you a line break between each of the objects should be added. If there is a list with numbers, you should fill in a number and then enter a period before each of them like this ( 1. , 2. ).

A list in non-ascending order can’t be done. All the lists will automatically start from number one.


Sometimes, users want to hide some parts of the text. For example, if they don’t want to give a spoiler. In this case, you should use the spoiler tags.

To do this, you should put the text in ‘>! text !<‘ format. After that, the piece of the text will be hidden and you will prevent users from seeing that part.

So, actually, Reddit is a full-featured platform.



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