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GuidesHow much does 65-inch Samsung TV weigh

How much does 65-inch Samsung TV weigh

Agree that it is difficult to imagine a large, modern living room without a large, high-quality TV. It is a place in the house where you can gather in the evenings with friends or family and watch your favorite shows or serials. So many people are responsible for choosing a new TV and where they install it. If you are interested in choosing a Samsung TV, you should study its characteristics. The most frustrating thing that can happen to you is if you buy an excellent new TV, and it will not be able to stand in the place you have planned for him.

So before you buy, you should always get acquainted with all the parameters of the device you buy. In this case, let’s analyze how much Samsung TV diagonal 65 inches will cost. In short, its weight will be about 52.2 – 60 pounds. This variation is caused by how you want to use your Samsung TV – with or without a stand. Let’s take a closer look at how much different Samsung TVs weigh and what nuances you should consider when calculating the weight of your future TV.

What is the weight of a Samsung TV with a 65-inch screen?

As I said before, the weight of your future TV is quite essential and its size. Because if you buy too heavy a TV, it might break the stand on which you install it. Or you might have to pay extra for shipping it if it exceeds the allowable dimensions. There are cases where it can damage the table on which you put your TV because it is simply not designed for that weight. However, the latter is, of course, very unlikely.

So if you are going to get yourself a 65-inch Samsung TV, you should expect it to weigh about 52.2 pounds. This data is given by the manufacturer and confirmed by its actual users. However, there is one thing. This weight is given without a special stand. That is, it will weigh 52.2 pounds in case you want to mount it on the wall.

If you use your Samsung TV with a special stand, its weight will increase to 60.6 pounds. I would say that the stand on the Samsung TV does weigh a lot. Also, if you want to order shipping from the store to your home, you should consider that the weight of a 65-inch Samsung TV in a package will be about 72.8 pounds. Please note that the manufacturer provides all this data. This means that the actual figures for your device may be different. Don’t expect them to be very different, though. I would say it might be lighter or heavier by a couple of percent of these numbers.

How much do Samsung TVs with other diagonals weigh?

If we have already started to understand how much different models of modern Samsung TVs weigh, then let me show you how much other models with larger or smaller screen sizes weigh. That way, you can find the perfect size and weight for your future Samsung TV. I remind you that you should be very careful about this so that you don’t have to go and change the TV, or worse, it doesn’t suddenly fall off the wall and break.

 Samsung TV size Samsung TV weigh
50 Inch26.9 lb
55 Inch38.1 lb
60 Inch50.7 lb
65 Inch52.2 lb
70 Inch53.4 lb
75 Inch68.8 lb

Again I want to draw your attention to the fact that this data is taken from public sources, which indicates the manufacturer. So the actual figures may differ slightly. It would be best if you also kept in mind that this information is valid for Samsung TVs, which were released in the last few years. If you are considering buying an older TV or TV of a non-standard range, its weight, size, or other characteristics may also be different. In this case, you should carefully study its specifications on the Samsung website.

How does the weight of the TV affect performance?

The question that many buyers probably face when paying attention to the Samsung TV’s weight is whether the weight depends on the quality of the TV itself. The answer is instead no. Of course, different TVs that have different characteristics may also differ in weight. For example, different types of backlighting, such as OLED and LCD with backlighting have different weights. However, weight is not the main factor that affects quality.

I recommend that you pay more attention to the interior of your TV. Logically, the bigger it is, the more it will weigh. If you’re worried about not being able to install it, you should pay attention to the stand you’re going to hang the TV on, and it might make sense to buy a little more sturdy one to be sure of success.

I can also tell you that users prefer lighter TVs because they are less of a problem. They are easier to transport and install and usually don’t take up a lot of space. So it’s safe to say that manufacturers will move towards making their TVs thinner and lighter in the future.



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