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GuidesHow much data Google Duo calls use

How much data Google Duo calls use

Messengers have firmly entered people’s lives and have practically replaced telephone communication. The popularity of applications for communicating through calls, texts, and file transfers is due to their many and obvious advantages.

Messengers are gradually replacing cellular operators from the market of services, the tariffs of which sometimes reach unbelievable proportions, especially when it comes to long-distance calls. And no wonder, because, unlike the latter, special applications give users the opportunity to make free audio and video calls around the world, as well as to exchange messages and files in any existing formats.

The alternative option of communication has become the most advantageous and convenient, and all that is needed to be in touch is a connection to the Internet and the availability of the appropriate application installed on the device. Among the variety of platforms, which have in common the purpose and the need to connect to Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G Internet to exchange data, there are also products from Google. Not so long ago, a new app called Duo was added to Android.

The previous variations of Google mobile messengers (Talk and Hangouts) failed to attract the attention of users, while Google Duo is already a more interesting version of the software of this category. Among the many useful tools from Google, the application for making video calls has taken its rightful place in the Android arsenal.

So, if you want to know how much data Google Duo use, here’s more about it.

How much data Google Duo use when you call

Justin Uberti, Technical Lead of the application, was asked how much data it used when on cellular networks. Surprisingly, as confirmed by Uberti, Duo uses as much as 8MB of data per minute.

8 MB of data per minute can either be a lot or not at all. It all depends on how much and how often you use mobile Internet. If someone is on a limited data plan and is video chatting for 15 minutes, they can use up more than 120 MB.

If you need a point of reference, Uberti claims that streaming Netflix on average video quality settings while using cellular networks consumes almost the same amount of data.

What is Google Duo

Not all users who find Duo among the pre-installed software on their phones know what this program is. And some don’t even know that it’s available. The Duo app is a free video chat app for mobile devices, created by Google and distinguished by its ease of use. And the software can run not only on Android but also on iOS, as well as in the browser. In terms of functionality, the software reminds Apple’s FaceTime, but Duo has its own features. It doesn’t require high-speed Internet, communication is provided even with slow traffic, which is due to the optimization of WebRTC and the use of QUIC.

You can find Duo in the folder with Google software on much Android firmware, and you need the program to communicate with other users who also use this software. It’s also possible to manually download and install it from the Google Play store. Thanks to a simple and clear interface the product doesn’t require any special skills in mastering.



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