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GuidesHow many devices can stream Peacock at the same time

How many devices can stream Peacock at the same time

If you’re a fan of classic shows and movies, you might like Peacock’s video-on-demand service. The thing is that unlike its counterparts like Hulu, Netflix, etc., Peacock offers its viewers completely free access to a library of very good projects. After all, who doesn’t want to have an extra service to watch after a hard day’s work and enjoy some comedy or talk shows. Or you can wake to the latest news and know that all this goodness doesn’t require any expenses at all. So it’s not surprising that you decided to choose Peacock.

The only disadvantage of Peacock is that its library doesn’t have such a huge selection of original content and doesn’t provide access to new content. It would also be a bit unfortunate if you have children and they like to watch children’s shows. The latter, by the way, quite a little, if not absent at all.

However, if you have chosen or are going to choose Peacock as a streaming service, then check what it offers, its plans, features, and what devices you can watch it from.

What about Peacock plans

Nevertheless, Peacock is famous for allowing you to choose a plan for a month or a whole year. Depending on how you like it and what your budget is. For example, Peacock’s basic service is completely free, and users only need an email address to sign up. And if you want to improve your Peacock plan, there are two options:

  • Peacock Premium costs $4.99 per month, and offers a much larger library (perhaps in two times bigger) with more shows and “premium” movies, as well as full access to Peacock’s original series and series from across NBCUniversal’s network (which include Bravo, Oxygen, and E!). It also offers early access to episodes of NBC’s late-night talk shows, and access to live sports, including Premier League soccer. Though, by picking this plan you still will have ads
  • At the same time, Premium Plus plan includes all of the Premium content and without advertising. It also allows users to download content to their devices

In addition, both Premium plans are provided with a free 7-day trial and come with all features.

Which devices can you stream Peacock on

The good news is also that Peacock is available on almost every popular device. If you have Windows or Mac, you can enjoy your favorite shows from any browser you have, such as Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari. These browsers are popular and are great for watching Peacock.

However, if you’re away from home, there is a Peacock app on mobile devices that you’ll definitely need. Smart TVs from LG and Vizio SmartCast also support Peacock, along with Android TV-enabled smart TVs and most Roku devices. Additional devices include Chromecast and Apple TV streaming media players, Playstation and Xbox One gaming consoles, and set-top boxes from Cox Internet and Xfinity.

There is, however, a not-so-pleasant side. If you own a Samsung Smart TV, Peacock won’t be available to you. Plus, Peacock is also not friendly with Amazon Fire TV streaming media players.

Is there a chance to stream Peacock on more than one device at one time

In families or just in the same house people often share one profile or account of the streaming platform, so as not to overpay for the same service. So what will happen if Peacock is watched by several people from different devices? Is this even possible on Peacock? The answer is yes. And you don’t have to upgrade the plan at all, as you do on Netflix. With the free version of Peacock, you can watch your favorite shows on up to three devices.

However, you have to remember that Peacock does have advertising and doesn’t have such a huge library.

Plus, users who have purchased Premium Plus can even download content and watch it offline. However, this feature is still only available for some movies and shows.

Is it possible to have more than one profile on Peacock

And speaking of profiles, it’s a bit of a strange thing. Generally, Peacock suggests that you can only have one profile, but NBC has indicated that it’s working to allow multiple profiles. Generally, many video-on-demand serials like Netflix or HBO max allow you to have up to 5 profiles. If you have more than one family member at home, you can try to create separate profiles on Peacock. This is very convenient because this way you can have an individual structure of views, individual recommended videos, customization, and so on.

Now, there is enough information to know about Peacock and if it suits you. The rest is up to you!


  1. I received Peacock from Xfinity to install. I did and they even gave me Premium free.
    When I try to sign on Peacock on myiPad, it asks for email and a password. I didn’t have to use a password the 1st time and now it won’t let me sign up to change password?????


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