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AmazonWhy you should keep Amazon Echo away from windows in your house

Why you should keep Amazon Echo away from windows in your house

In order to protect yourself and your equipment, you should always read its manual. And when you use smart appliances, your home can even become your enemy. Not in the sense that the technology will rebel, but simply because malicious criminals can take advantage of it if you use it incorrectly.

Have you ever wondered where you put Alexa when you talk to her? Or in general, where do you usually keep it? Well, where she lives has a big impact on the security of your smart home and Alexa herself.

When it comes to choosing the location of your Echo device, trust the recommendations below. They’re sure to help you make the environment comfortable and safe for everyone in the house.

Don’t put Alexa by a window

The most unsafe place to place your computer is in a window. Any malicious intruder or thief, who will be able to use Alexa through the window, can’t only control your smart home but also cars and other expensive equipment and access to it. Therefore, forget about the window, especially if it overlooks a passageway.

 Don’t put Alexa near a toilet or a sink

In general, it isn’t a good idea to leave electrical devices in wet environments. Starting from the fact that it can be dangerous for you, to the fact that an accidentally dropped Alexa in a toilet or a bathtub/sink is definitely not the most pleasant thing that can happen to you.

However, if you do often use the Alexa in the bathroom, then try to place it as far away as possible from the bathroom, shower, sink, or toilet. Attach it securely to the surface in case you have small children or pets such as cats, etc.

What are appropriate places to put Alexa

Now you can think about where to place it in the best place. In fact, there are many options, it all depends on your home, how you use Alexa, whether you have pets, etc. So here’re the most versatile places to put Alexa:

  • In the corner of your living room (away from windows, of course)
  • A place where it’s easily visible for you, so you can see when the light ring lights up
  • On your bedside table
  • On the edge of your kitchen counter, HOWEVER far away from your sink
  • On a mantle or shelf
  • Mounted on a wall that’s not facing a window

Now you know more about how to improve and secure your home and all the inhabitants in it. Also, don’t forget that you can change her wake word in case you often have cases of her waking up from TV phrases, etc. You can also put parental controls in place to keep the children safe and just have more control over the environment of the house.



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