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GuidesHow many devices can be connected to one Roku account

How many devices can be connected to one Roku account

Today, quite a large number of people use special devices for streaming. After all, everything is Internet-oriented, and cable television is gradually being abandoned. Many people no longer understand why they need cable TV when they can watch the same movies and shows of the best quality and at any time over the Internet.

If you have a family that includes your parents, brothers, and sisters, you probably won’t feel comfortable using just one Roku device. In such cases, you can buy several more devices so that everyone has enough so that they can watch their favorite movies or shows at the time they want instead of downloading reruns.

However, is it necessary to create a new Roku account for each device? So, here’s more information about how many devices can be connected to one Roku account.

What are the types of Roku devices

Roku Box

This option is a standalone box that connects to the Internet via your broadband router, using an Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection. The Roku Box can be connected directly to a TV or via a home theater receiver via HDMI (such as a DVD or Blu-ray player).

Roku Streaming Stick

This option is a compact device that is slightly larger than a USB stick, but instead of connecting to a USB port, you connect it to an available HDMI input on your TV or home theater receiver. The streaming card has built-in Wi-Fi to connect to a broadband router.

Roku TV

Roku TV is a universal solution that doesn’t require an external box or flash drive to access streaming Internet content, as the Roku operating system is already built into the TV. The TV connects to a broadband router via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. TV brands that offer Roku TVs in their product lines include Hisense, Hitachi, Insignia, Sharp, and TCL. Roku TVs are available in several screen sizes. 720p, 1080p, and 4K Ultra HD versions are available.

How many devices can be connected to one Roku account

If you have a large family and everyone has a TV in the room, then buying a few more Roku devices would be a good solution. And if you’re wondering if all these devices will work on the same account, you have nothing to worry about.

You can use the same Roku account across multiple streaming devices without any problem. If you add a new Roku device to your home, the device setup will include an option to use your existing account or create a new one. Using the same account across all your Roku devices is better because it means all your devices can sync across a single account.

That way it will be much easier to manage them. For example, if you start to watch a movie on your bedroom TV but want to move to the living room and continue watching there, the movie will pick up where you left off. Furthermore, all your purchases, subscriptions, and channels will also sync across the devices on a single account.

What is Roku mobile app

Roku also provides a mobile app for iOS and Android devices that provides even more flexibility. The mobile app provides voice search and also duplicates several menu categories that are part of the main Roku TV OSD system, allowing you to control your Roku devices directly from your phone.

For Roku TVs, the mobile app also manages Internet streaming and TV functions such as input selection, OTA channel scanning, and picture and sound settings. You can also use your smartphone or tablet to send videos and photos from your phone to the Roku box, a streaming flash drive, and watch them on your TV or directly from your phone to Roku TV.

Another extra bonus is that you can use your smartphone’s headphones to privately listen to the content you’re accessing on your Roku device.



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