As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

As an Amazon Associate we may earn from qualifying purchases made via links on our website.

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How does Grubhub food delivery works explained

Most people today are very busy. Many people work all the time and spend their free time on their hobbies and entertainment. Other people just go about their personal business or try to stay indoors because of the pandemic. In such conditions, meal delivery services have become especially popular. It’s quick and convenient. You can order food directly to your doorstep. You just have to go to the door and pick it up. One of the most popular food delivery services is Grubhub. But how exactly does it work?

How does Grubhub work

There is nothing particularly complicated about how Grubhub works. It is a service that helps in the communication between the food customers and the restaurant. There are three main players in the way Grubhub works:

  • Consumer
  • Restaurant
  • Courier

The consumer places the order, the restaurant prepares it and the courier brings it to the consumer. It’s a pretty simple way of working. Grubhub acts as an intermediary, which enables the consumer to order food, the restaurant to sell the food, and the courier to earn money on delivery. Of course, Grubhub takes a commission for this. Let’s take a closer look at each aspect of Grubhub’s service

How does Grubhub work for the Consumer

The ultimate goal of the consumer is to order food. To do this, Grubhub first collects information about the customer’s location and gives them a list of restaurants available to them. In this list, the consumer can find an establishment that suits his taste. Then you can get acquainted with their cuisine and menu. You can sort restaurants by food and price.

Once the customer has decided on the choice of dishes, it is time to place the order. The user selects the desired dishes and adds them to the cart. After all the dishes have been added, the delivery address has to be specified. Then the user confirms his choice and the next stage begins

Next comes the payment stage. Payment by card, PayPal, Google, or Apple Pay is available in Grubhub. Also, some restaurants offer the ability to pay for orders in cash.

After payment the consumer only has to wait for the courier to pick up his order and deliver it to the selected address. The order can be placed at any time of the day. This is the best way to quickly remove your hunger without the need to cook and go somewhere yourself.

How does Grubhub for Restaurant work

The restaurant also plays an important role in order fulfillment. The role of the restaurant is to prepare the meal as quickly as possible, pack it well, and hand it over to the courier.

As soon as the consumer places an order, the restaurant receives a notification on its dashboard. The restaurant then takes the order. This notifies the Consumer and the Courier that the order will be ready soon.

After confirming the order, the restaurant proceeds to prepare and pack it. The restaurant must have the order ready by the time the courier arrives. This is the main part of the restaurant’s work. The order must be completely ready and well packaged by that time.

As soon as the courier arrives, the restaurant simply hands over the order. That’s the end of the restaurant’s role, and all the work is left to the courier.

How does Grubhub work for couriers

Delivery is one of the main aspects of a food delivery service. Grubhub has its own network of couriers who pick up orders and deliver them to consumers.

As soon as the restaurant confirms the order, the nearest courier is notified. The courier then has to accept the order if he or she understands that he or she will make it on time.

Once accepted, the courier must arrive at the designated time to pick up the order. The order should already be ready. As soon as the courier picks up the order, he/she should mark it in the application and start the delivery. After confirming the order pickup, the consumer can track where the courier is.

After receiving the order, the courier’s task is to arrive at the address specified in the order as quickly and as accurately as possible. In case of a delay, the courier can communicate with the consumer via the app or by phone. After the delivery, the courier marks it in the application. The order is considered completed and the courier gets a tip.

This is how Grubhub works. The above was a description of one complete order cycle on Grubhub from the point of view of different order participants.



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